• May 21, 2020

For a couple of weeks now we’ve been bringing you stories from vendors and buyers who’ve successfully transacted during the COVID-19 period for a multitude of reasons. Today we’d like to share a few more sales anecdotes regarding clients who’ve been guided through this new environment by our agents who have responded rapidly to the industry’s changing requirements.

43 Collingwood Street, Drummoyne

Daniel Patterson and Peter Gordon sold 43 Collingwood Street, which was the fourth most expensive house sale in Drummoyne for 2020. Daniels says, “Our extensive network was instrumental in getting this sale done. The buyer was one of Peter’s clients from Rozelle and he had a strong relationship with them which instilled trust which is ultimately what got the deal over the line.” Peter adds, “Our strategic office network allows us to take advantage of buyer migration patterns and it’s common to see buyers moving across our core areas through various stages of their property cycles. Our team meets regularly and collaborates both face to face and via our tech platforms, working together for the benefit of clients which adds value and makes for a seamless process.”

191 Albany Road, Stanmore

Jonathan Hammond and Stephanie Zerial sold 191 Albany Road, Stanmore for a price the vendor was extremely satisfied with. According to Jonathan, the key was staying calm throughout the process, adapting to an ever-changing market and focusing on educating the vendor on the most beneficial course of action during the pandemic. “Once the crisis started we withdrew the listing from auction and recommended an off-market sale. To locate a buyer we worked tirelessly and strategically, going back through open house lists from similar properties in the area and touching base with interested parties. As the number one agents in Stanmore our knowledge really came to the fore, not simply of the market but also the nuances of the suburb and its purchasers.”

361-363 Livingstone Road, Marrickville

Alex Mastoris sold 361-363 Livingstone Road, one of the largest non-development properties to hit the Marrickville market in years, for an impressive $2.7m. “We advised the owners on the main areas of the home that needed attention before taking it to market, ensuring it presented at its best both internally and externally,” says Alex. “We conducted private one on one appointments, allowing plenty of time to ensure every aspect of the home could be discussed. We also presented the property to buyers who had not originally considered Marrickville in their search, leveraging off other properties we’d sold in this price bracket in other areas. The eventual buyer came from our network and had been looking for a few months.”

C&H hasn’t slowed down when it comes to transactions across the Inner West. If a property is priced correctly then we’re continuing to see successful sales during this crisis. We’ve had significant uptake of our Market Guarantee. This offer enables anyone who lists with us throughout May to withdraw from the sale if you feel that the market’s declining or the campaign isn’t progressing the way you want it to. If you re-list with us within six months we won’t charge any additional marketing fees. We’ll give you the same marketing package for free so you can try again when you feel the market is improving.

As we navigate our way out of COVID-19 restrictions and return to business as usual, rest assured we’re right here to answer all of your questions and provide guidance on this ever-evolving market.

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