• June 25, 2020

Given the magnitude of what we’ve just been through, it’s hard to fathom that the real estate market is experiencing growth. However for a month now we’ve been seeing improved selling conditions, with evidence that blue-chip, sought-after real estate is currently in an upswing, as evidenced by some recent sales from our agents at the coal face.

8 Linthorpe Street, Newtown

Jonathan Hammond and Stephanie Zerial sold a grand unrenovated Victorian terrace at 8 Linthorpe Street, Newtown for $1.925m, which was $400,000 above the set reserve. It had been held in the same family for more than a century. Jono comments, “While we were able to conduct public inspections at this stage, due to social distancing we scheduled one hour open times to accommodate all viewers comfortably and give them plenty of time. Even in an uncertain environment we had an impressive 152 people through, which was testament to the appeal and potential of the property. We kept up really strong, consistent and clear communication with interested buyers throughout the campaign and come auction day there was plenty of competition.”

5 Minogue Crescent, Forest Lodge

Ben Southwell and Marcus Hejtmanek sold a five-bedroom new build at 5 Minogue Crescent, Forest Lodge for $3.1m. Ben says, “The property was launched online the week before the COVID lockdowns began, which meant we needed to act quickly to come up with solutions for viewing the property given that public inspections weren’t on the table anymore. While private one-on-one inspections are a substantial part of the fabric of our brand, only genuine, informed buyers were opting to take up inspections given the climate. Fortunately, C&H was early to embrace interactive video in our marketing, with this 3D floorplan/walk-through being the most advanced, true-to-life alternative to an in-person viewing experience. Having been involved in development from the moment construction began, we were able to discuss the property in far greater detail than the standard description of four walls and furnishings. Consequently, the eventual buyer, a client known to C&H over the past few years, felt really comfortable with the product. Our solid presentation of comparable sales also served to justify the asking price.”

304 Nelson Street, Annandale

Alex Mastoris and Kate Fitzsimmons sold 304 Nelson Street, Annandale, with the pair overseeing a complete refresh of the property before taking it to market. “This involved painting the entire home, overhauling the gardens, pressure cleaning all external areas, a detailed clean and full staging with hired furniture for the marketing and inspections,” says Alex. “We ran a private treaty campaign with an initial price guide of $1.25m and negotiated with interested parties to a final price of $1.38m, with the buyer coming from our database network.”

21 Hornsey Street, Rozelle

Ralph Daher and Peter Gordon marketed 21 Hornsey Street Rozelle, a charming semi house, selling it prior to auction. “As always we made sure the process ran smoothly for the owners and purchasers. We were careful to get the right buyers through and conducted many private inspections to give people every opportunity for a comprehensive viewing. Buyers responded well to the presentation, location and proximity to the city. More than 80 groups came through, with most being young professional couples looking for their first purchase. There were also some potential investors but they decided not to go ahead at the level that it sold at. The property was ultimately sold prior to auction after two weeks and we made sure that all buyers and contract holders were given the opportunity to participate in placing offers. The buyer came from the C&H network database and had a buyers’ agent represent them in the sale. We were transparent with price right from the outset and gave an accurate, informed valuation in comparison to recent sales.”

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