• June 18, 2020

Like every industry, the real estate arena has its ups and downs, however we continue to prevail through all cycles of the market for one reason – people will always need to buy and sell property, for all manner of reasons. At C&H we can confidently identify the different stages and reasons as to why people move and help them progress forward in their lives no matter what the circumstances. Our team is swift to adapt our thinking, marketing strategies and customer experience to ensure clients feel confident about engaging our services, especially when the climate is uncertain. 

We don’t consider ourselves your traditional agency. We understand that properties have unique stories to tell and sell and we certainly don’t view our customers as all the same. Our job is to connect those stories to the people that they resonate with. At the heart of the real estate business is the innate human desire for progress and progress is best defined as ‘positive movement’. Consequently, we see our role as being to remove all friction to enable movement. Here’s a look at how we have recently successfully facilitated this progress for our clients in light of the unusual market forces at play.

24 Temple Street, Stanmore

Santos Sulfaro recently sold 24 Temple Street, Stanmore, a deceased estate which comprised a house and two flats that has been used as three separate residences. Offered for the first time in 65 years, this was a particularly emotional sale for the owners. When appraising the property, Santos insisted that council inquiries were made as to whether the configuration was legal. After four hours on the phone, he was pleased to find that there was a letter from council dated in 1987 acknowledging existing usage rights dating back to 1946. After passing this hurdle, COVID-19 inspection restrictions hit. Santos suggested commencing with an off-market campaign to test the buyer network and minimise expenses. After two weeks he found a buyer who was interested but lacked motivation, just as restrictions were easing. He was confident that if offered to the open market, competition would drive the best outcome for the family.

After working with interested parties and numerous conversations with the vendor, everything was set for auction day. When the day arrived, in the heat of the moment the vendors became extremely emotional and were in two minds as to whether this was the right time to sell or if they should wait for the market to improve. However, after an hour of negotiating between all buyers and the vendors, Santos was able to achieve the result they wanted.

4/5A Ilka Street, Lilyfield

Julie Hatch just sold a townhouse at 4/5A Ilka Street, Lilyfield for $1.4m. She comments “The vendors hadn’t sold a property for some time so we needed to nurse them through the process, making sure that they were comfortable with each phase. There were a few other similar properties on the market at the time however the advantage was that Ilka Street was in a very quiet position and was one of just four in the development. The ultimate buyers were actually previous vendors for whom I’d sold an investment property in February. I had been highlighting different properties for them and Ilka Street gave them the size they wanted within their budget, whereas all of the competition was over their budget. The key to achieving a great price for this particular sale was setting a firm strategy for the auction and understanding exactly where the market stood.”

If you’re looking for advice or to make a move, have a conversation with people that understand you. We’re always here. 

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