CobdenHayson’s unique selling propositions

CobdenHayson’s unique selling propositions

  • March 31, 2022

It might sound cliché but here at CH we genuinely try to set ourselves apart from the rest – not just to be different, but to be better for our clients. There are a number of initiatives we undertake and cultural elements that we implement that are fundamental to our ability to provide the calibre of service that we do.

It’s no secret that our industry has experienced issues with trust and transparency and as the market starts to shift, we may see agents reverting to ‘old sales tricks’ in order to win business (over-promising and under-delivering). While not too many are willing to put their money where their mouth is, our sales process is designed to provide clients with total confidence, based on some unique selling propositions.

Complementary project management

We’ve sold more than 15,000 properties and know how to expertly present your home and elevate it to another level. With our signature care and personal touch, we’re always eager to roll up our sleeves and get involved. From advice on minor and major renovations to working closely with trades, we have the resources to maximise your investment. Check out an example here

Payment flexibility

If for any reason you need to defer upfront sales costs, we’ve partnered with Market Now to provide the option to pay for marketing, styling and minor renovations at a later stage. This payment gateway allows you to drawdown up to $25,000 at 5.5% interest for 90 days.

Good Faith Guarantee

Forming part of our exclusive agency agreement, our Good Faith Guarantee gives you total control in choosing the agent fee and conditions. This gives you peace of mind that we truly are on the same page and that we’re working towards the same goal from a platform of mutual respect, transparency and good faith.

A network of data

Our centralised database is shared between our five offices, with an average of 600 new buyers added each week. We inform eager buyers of the freshest new listings via email, text or phone call, providing a viewing opportunity before it’s listed on public real estate portals.

Incentivised sales force

We’re not a franchise but rather a collective of like-minded independent partners sharing knowledge to benefit our clients and our communities. Having a network of agents on your side means that even before your property hits the market, we know exactly which buyers to call.

We tell it to you straight

We’d rather lose business by sticking to realistic valuations than over-sell our estimations. No-one puts more effort into achieving the best prices than we do, however we refuse to build false expectations. After almost a quarter of a century in business, 83% of our clients have sold or bought through us before and they come to us because they trust us.

We think differently

We’re constantly looking for better ways to market your property, remaining at the forefront of digital marketing using clever web-based solutions along with fresh, engaging and tailored social media content. Every home is different so we do our best to ensure the market sees it that way.

Adaptable to changing conditions

Like a huge vacuum, our team constantly takes in information and real-time conversations that help us improve, refine and grow our customer relationships. We never sit back and idly wait for change to arrive but rather we’re at the precipice, making changes that we believe produce a tangible difference for our clients.

In times of uncertainty, turn to those that you can trust. Whether you’re looking for advice on the evolving market conditions or looking for an updated valuation of your property, our team of experienced agents are here to assist.

For more information on any of the above, please email or visit here.

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