Want to know why we lose business to other agents all the time?

You want the best price for your property, and you deserve it. You made the investment; you paid the mortgage, you rode the ups and down. Agents know that you’re looking for the greatest return, which is why the easiest way for an agent to win business is to value property high. Then, after the agent has won the business, they can talk about a softening market, a surprising lack of interest or a dozen other factors that justify you “revising” your expectations downwards.

That approach to sales costs an agent nothing. Meanwhile, you’ve footed an expensive marketing campaign at the wrong valuation. Your property has been on the market for more days than it should. And that means more strangers walking through your home, more mortgage payments, greater uncertainty and a delay in moving into what’s next for you.

We’d rather lose business — and we do lose business — by sticking to realistic valuations. It’s not that we like losing business, we’re as competitive as any real estate agent. No one puts more into winning the best price for clients than we do. However, we can’t afford to build false expectations. After 23 years in the Inner West and the Lower North Shore, 83% of our clients are people who’ve sold with us before or bought through us. They come to us because they trust us.

Yes, they trust a real estate agent.

If they sold with us, that trust is often because we gave them a realistic valuation the first time. If they bought through us, the trust is often because we didn’t run the kind of games that buyers don’t forget.

Because that repeat business is so important to us, we’ll play it straight with you every time, even if that honesty means losing your business.

It’s your move.

Speaking of talking frankly, we know you’ll get valuations from different agents. That’s the smart move for any vendor. All we ask is that you put us in the mix. We think you’ll find our perspective refreshing because we’ll get to the point about the right strategy to deliver the highest price in the market. (After all, the market always decides what your home is worth, not your agent.)

We’ll talk to you about getting that great price with:

The fewest possible days on the market

The most cost-effective marketing campaign that’s right for the strategy

You’ll also get the most detailed analysis and market information in your area, so you’re making your decision with clarity.

Along the way, you’ll also get advice on tactics to achieve the best price:

Renovation ideas

Cosmetic touch-ups to have your home looking smart

Styling and presentation advice

Plus, you’ll have access to the local trades we’ve worked with for years to deliver the kind of impact that gets Inner West and Lower North Shore buyers making offers.

If this is your first time selling a home, you might not know how variety is possible in the strategy the right agent can follow to sell your home. If you have talked through every possibility in the past, you’ve probably sold with us before, and we look forward to talking to you again.

Whether this is your first time working with us or you’re coming back, we’re looking forward to talking to you about how we can get you the best price in the most effective way for you. You’ll be talking to the agents who:

Sell more than 700 properties a year

Hold 16 suburb price records

Have held some suburb records for more than a decade

Have a conversation with us.

What is my property worth?

Whether you’re just curious about the current value of your property or you’re ready to make a move, we’d love to be of service.

Our experienced team have their finger on the pulse when it comes to understanding current market conditions, buyer sentiment, potential economic changes that could influence future market conditions and understanding the ideal buyer demographics most suitable for every property we inspect.

We understand that for so many clients having a reliable appraisal on the value for your major asset is a critical component when weighing up big life decisions. We provide you with market facts and experienced guidance having served our community for over 30 years.