• May 3, 2021

March’s Art Month event commenced with our annual children’s colouring competition, which drew more than 400 entries across our five offices. Kids aged 3-12 years submitted a wonderfully imaginative array of artworks, with the best to appear on Cobden & Hayson SOLD stickers.

There were 15 winners named across three age categories and each one will have their work displayed around the neighbourhood on our signboards for the next 12 months. It was our hardest year of judging yet, with most offices’ results coming down to a few votes. This year there was more colour than we’ve ever seen – many of the incredible pieces looked like they could almost leap off the page.

We were delighted to meet some of the budding Picassos who entered. Lachlan, winner of the Balmain prize for 0-6 year olds, said that he loves dinosaurs so much that they’re all he draws and that he was absolutely thrilled to have won. Zara was the winner of the Balmain prize for 7-9 year olds and it’s hard to believe someone yet to enter double digits has so much talent. The colour and the imagination behind the little characters she drew are something you need to see to believe. Other entry subjects included hamburgers, the Harbour Bridge, big waves and avocados!

Last week the winners were invited into our offices to receive their huge hampers filled with art supplies. (insert image)

We’re really proud of this annual community initiative and delighted that it’s so well received. We’re all about engaging our locals, getting behind great events and fostering the neighbourhood spirit that is such an integral part of all the areas we work in.

Danny Cobden comments, “This is now our sixth year and the competition continues to grow in popularity and creativity, with double the number of entries from last year. Matt Hayson adds, “Every year we’re amazed at the imagination and originality of our young local artists. There are clearly some very colourful, fun-loving families throughout the area. It’s always been a haven for artistic types and it’s great to see the next generation coming through.”

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