We’re behind the next generation at Forest Lodge

We’re behind the next generation at Forest Lodge

  • August 2, 2022

As a local advocate who’s passionate about giving back to the community he loves, Ben Southwell is a proud long-term sponsor of Forest Lodge Public School. “I feel like I have a strong connection to the school,” says Ben. My grandmother went there in the ‘30s and it’s a great institution with a great group of families involved with it.”

“More than ever before, it’s important for people living and working in a community to make a valuable contribution. If we’re not spending our money and sharing our time locally then everything that we love about the area begins to evaporate. As little villages within a big city, if everyone does their bit then it helps others to thrive and build a better life, and it’s that spirit that’s a key driver for me.”

This year Ben’s effort is two-fold. Firstly, as a continuing initiative, for everyone who lists their property with Ben via the school’s sponsorship program, Ben will donate $1500 from his commission directly back to the school.

Secondly, there’s the option to bid for a commission-free sale, which will be auctioned off by the end of August. If you’re a vendor you can bid for Ben’s service and if you’re the successful bidder then instead of paying a standard commission fee, you’ll only pay the amount you bid, which will go directly to the school.

“Public schools’ allocated government budgets are pretty rapidly absorbed by running costs such as maintenance and wages, with precious little left over. For schools to be at the forefront of education, there are other things they need, generally funded through fundraising and private sponsorship. Forest Lodge is eager to obtain a number of interactive electronic whiteboards and build a protective shade area for both play and functions, and it’s my aim to help them get there.”

To get involved there are signs around the school with QR codes which link back to a ‘register your interest’ form. Alternatively you can call Ben directly on 0407 896 212 or email him at ben@ch.com.au to organise a time to meet and have a chat.

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