• January 30, 2020

We’re proud to say that in 2019 our focus and vision paid off and we enjoyed a number of achievements throughout the year in a market which was rather unpredictable, all the while adhering to the fundamental principles of our business – personal, hands-on service, intimate market knowledge and plenty of neighbourhood engagement.

We expanded our network with the addition of our Lane Cove office, headed up by Director Peter Gordon, a Lane Cove local and founding member of Cobden & Hayson Balmain. This was a highly strategic move given that most out-of-area searches for Lane Cove properties come from the Inner West, where we have the advantage of more than 20 years of strong relationships. This takes our total to five offices working collaboratively to service the Inner West and now beyond, with the advantage of a single shared database of buyers and tenants.

We also formed a strategic amalgamation with Richardson & Wrench Leichhardt under the C&H Annandale banner, joining forces with the highly reputable Sulfaro family to give us greater representation in the Leichhardt area.

Figures show that our Drummoyne office was the number one office in its region, as was our Balmain office, the latter clocking up the following results:No 1 average sale price

No 1 agency in sales volume

Highest priced sale in Balmain East

Highest priced apartment sale in 2041

Highest priced waterfront sale in Balmain

Highest market share in 2039

Highest market share in 2041

Highest market share in servicing prestige property over $3M+

Sold 50% of the top sales in 2041

Sold 50% of the top sales in 2039

You might also be surprised to know that last year we sold 27% of our properties off-market, transacting quickly and quietly with registered buyers across our network. This spells good news for sellers, especially those desiring discretion, saving time, stress and money. 

Looking at property management, our total rental portfolio between our offices now encompasses more than 4000 properties, giving our valued tenants an exceptionally broad range of homes to choose from.

Facts and figures aside, we endeavoured as always to play a valuable role in our neighbourhoods beyond simply selling and managing homes. Last year more than ever we encouraged people to shop locally with our Christmas campaign, highlighting our ongoing efforts to revitalise our local retail precincts, bolster our culinary and bar scenes and keep small businesses afloat. We also expanded our support and sponsorship of numerous local schools, sporting clubs, charities and events, believing that community spirit is what engages and connects us.

For the wellbeing of our staff and to strengthen our supportive culture, C&H implemented an Employee Wellness Initiative as well as a Purchased Additional Leave policy, an industry first which enables employees to use part of their annual salary to purchase an additional four weeks of leave each year.

But what does this success and growth mean for you as our client? Essentially it spells greater value all round. It means better results, more trust and more satisfaction in dealing with an agency that’s ethical, progressive and community minded.

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