• March 1, 2021

At CobdenHayson we’ve always regarded our relationship with clients as a partnership created to achieve our mutual objectives. Our longevity, track record of exceptional results and high levels of repeat business in each of our core markets are testament to how we conduct business.

There probably isn’t a real estate agency in existence that doesn’t promote themselves without using words like ‘integrity’, ‘trustworthiness’, ‘transparency’, ‘honesty’, ‘reliability’, ‘professionalism’ and so on. So how do you really know which agencies genuinely walk the talk.

Certainly a referral from a friend or testimonials provided by clients can be a good indicator, however few agencies will commit to a written assurance that incorporates performance-based metrics and empowers YOU as the vendor to dictate key terms.

We know the possible risks unwitting vendors can potentially come across when appointing an agent and entering into an agency agreement, which is why we developed the CobdenHayson Good Faith Guarantee.

This guarantee eliminates the risk for you and commits to our ‘buy-in’ to ensure that you’re totally safeguarded and in control.

Some of the key features of our guarantee include:

  • No long-term agency period – you can terminate at any time
  • We’ll contribute to the marketing costs if we don’t achieve a price within or above our estimated range
  • The agent you appoint will be the agent greeting buyers at open homes and handling negotiations
  • You decide on the commission rate you pay based on the outcome

Yes, you read that correctly. Such is our confidence that we will achieve a premium result, we empower you to determine the rate of commission payable upon sale.

In what we believe to be an industry first, we’ve used our knowledge of the all-too-common pitfalls when appointing an agent and have directly tackled them to ensure our clients are emboldened throughout the sale process.

Want to be in control of your sale? Talk to one of our agents today.

*Full particulars of the offer are provided in the CH Good Faith Guarantee

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