• July 1, 2021

We’ve just come off one of the most heated selling periods in recent memory, with house prices soaring and limited stock being eagerly fought over. After such a strong start to the year the foot is coming off the accelerator pricewise slightly, however that doesn’t mean that demand is slowing. We checked in with and which both indicated that online searches for new properties remain at peak levels and are currently running 35% higher than at the same time last year. However, the difference now is that buyers appear to be waiting for the ideal property, rather than just frenziedly trying to purchase at all costs.

All signs point to an extremely buoyant market for Spring, which is just 10 weeks away, and with everyone being at home during lockdown, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about moving and getting your home ready for this traditionally busy sales period. With some smart preparation and planning you can ensure that your property resonates with buyers and really stands out in the market.

Turn to us for advice

Director Peter Gordon says “It’s always a prudent idea to speak to an agent as early in the process as possible. Preparing homes for sale is what we do all day, every day and we’re well versed in turning properties around quickly and affordably, with clever ideas born from experience. We offer a wealth of advice on what improvements are financially worth your while and what to repair and what to leave. We’ll let you know when it’s worth calling in the professionals – we’ve got a great network of reliable, cost-effective stylists, gardeners, maintenance people, builders and the like who know our market and understand exactly what our buyers are looking for. Remember, it’s all about getting a return on investment and we aim to improve the sale price by 5-10 times the amount spent on improvements.”


This is the golden rule of home preparation, so be ruthless when it comes to de-cluttering. It’s great for your home to look loved and lived in but buyers will want to be able to envisage what their own pieces will look like in the spaces, so keep your personal possessions to a minimum. Think of it as a great opportunity for a spring clean. Remove anything superfluous, scale back the knickknacks, clear out jam-packed cupboards and drawers and sell or donate unwanted items to charity. Enhancing the sense of space is the aim of the game.

Minor enhancements can make a big difference

Small details that need repair can really detract from the impact of your home, so it’s worth spending the time addressing them, and they don’t have to break the bank. Touch up scuffed walls and tired paint, fix that broken front gate, sort out any sticky windows and doors and get carpets professionally cleaned or even replaced if they’re really in poor shape. Replace cracked roof tiles, re-grout bathrooms, upgrade tired curtains or blinds, change dated cupboard handles and replace old light fittings. Keep things neutral to appeal to a broad market.

Tend to your garden

Gardens can make a really great first impression so make sure yours is looking its best. Spring is the perfect season to plant new flowers, lay new turf if necessary, gurney the courtyard and cut back those overgrown trees to let the light in. Some pretty pot plants on balconies can create a welcoming ambience if you don’t have any garden to speak of.

Call in the professional stylists

We can’t stress enough how much difference this can make to a property and your agent is the best person to turn to for advice on whether a professional stylist is worth your while. Our stylists are geniuses at everything from a simple de-cluttering or re-configuring your furniture to adding the finishing touches to the décor right through to fully furnishing your entire home.      

It’s what we do behind the scenes all day every day that matters most 

At Cobden & Hayson, we’ve sold over 12,000 homes and with that level of experience we know how to expertly present your home and elevate it to another level. With our signature care and personal touch, we’re always eager to roll up our sleeves and get involved. From advice on minor and major renovations to working with professional, effective and cost-efficient tradespeople, architects, builders, florists, stylists and cleaners our team has the resources to enhance your home and maximise your investment. Need some advice? Call us today.

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