• April 1, 2020

As a solutions-based agency we are emphatic about providing an outstanding client experience while achieving leading results and helping you deftly navigate the property market. These challenging times mean it’s more important than ever to adapt and find better ways to service our vendors and effectively engage with our buyers. The game has changed and how you view property in the coming months will too.

When choosing the right agent it’s important that you choose someone who has the ability to promote your property in a way that is both engaging and as real as possible. While virtual tours are nothing new, they will now play a major role in the buyer experience moving forward. The good news is that C&H employs advanced tools that allow our virtual tours to stand out among the competition.

Here’s our rundown on virtual tours, their benefits and how C&H will continue to push the boundaries of technology and service.

Numbers are out, and say more than the headlines do:

– More than 1.4m people are looking at property online every day

– Video views have increased by 88% during Covid-19

– 3D floor plan engagement is up 285% during Covid-19 

– In March, Balmain was the number 1 searched suburb for apartments and number 2 for houses*.

– Annandale was also listed as the 3rd highest searched suburb for apartments and 9th for houses*. 

What is a virtual tour (VT)?

Virtual tours use virtual reality technology to allow viewers to experience locations remotely. They enable you to visit real places virtually and experience the surroundings without physically being there. Essentially they provide an effective way to engage people from the comfort of their own homes.

Benefits of using VT’s in your campaign

High engagement

VT’s present properties in an attractive, explorable manner, highlighting all the rooms and spaces in a home. Viewers can navigate from room to room and floor to floor, inspecting all major details. Information points allow you to click on specific details for highlights, just as if the agent was in the room informing you. For example, if the house has a beautiful kitchen, you can view information about the design and finishes. Many agencies don’t offer this feature but we feel it’s important to deliver the most advanced experience possible and make our listings stand out.

Cost effective and top quality

We’re fortunate enough to have a skilled in-house production team at our disposal meaning our VT’s are of consistently high quality and can be produced quickly and cost effectively, which is an enormous benefit to our clients. Our team is constantly exploring new ways to gain an edge in the market in the VT field. We are generally able to turn around photography, property video and virtual tours in 24-48 hours depending on the size of the property, ensuring that we get you moving quickly.

Delivering genuine buyers

By allowing buyers to enjoy a life-like, comprehensive experience of your home via a virtual tour, they’ll be able to determine whether the property is suitable or not and discount any homes that don’t meet their criteria. This process of elimination means that only genuinely interested buyers will request a one-on-one inspection, thereby cutting out the fat, not wasting buyers’ time and helping us to play our role in minimising social contact. 

Personal agent engagement

It’s still important for us as agents to personally engage with potential buyers, albeit digitally, allowing buyers to put a face to the name and thereby facilitating trust and transparency. By including video footage of our agents presenting the property as though it were a real life inspection, we retain some of the intimacy and connection of the real world experience.

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