• June 1, 2020

Our time is limited so let’s stop living someone else’s dream. This month we learnt the importance of creating our own memories – our way!

At C&H we’ve always been big on getting behind our local community and supporting our local businesses by amplifying them to our audience. Being in lockdown for what seems like an eternity has really highlighted our desire to leave our everyday lives behind for a while and take a trip, with few things beating the excitement of a really unforgettable travel experience. Given that the travel industry has taken about as huge a hit as any sector, today we’re singing the praises of Adventum Travel, an independent boutique travel agency that takes a uniquely personal approach to curating adventures for passionate travellers and the amazing woman behind the story.

The business was founded by Michelle Slack-Smith, herself an intrepid traveller with more than two decades of experience, having worked for some of the industry’s big name companies. Given that she’s visited more than 100 countries, Michelle has plenty of first-hand experience with everything from the world’s best-loved tourist attractions to those wonderful out-of-the-way places that she loves to share with her clients. “I’ve sat up the front of the plane and I’ve backedpacked to far off places with nowhere to stay and ended up sleeping on a train, so I’ve definitely experienced both ends of the spectrum,” says Michelle.

“The way I approach my business is to really take the time to get to know my clients and understand their aspirations, which working for myself allows me to do. If it’s a four-hour lunch with someone to plan their holiday, then that’s OK. I try to find out why they want to travel. Do they want to get off the beaten track and get away from it all in the middle of nowhere or do they want a five-star experience with a butler where everything’s done for them? It’s about accommodating their desires, making the best use of their time and providing a really personalised service.”

“The clients I tend to work with are well travelled and looking for a unique experience, not your average run-of-the-mill tour. They want to immerse themselves in the culture and discover things you won’t find in the travel guide. I love hearing their stories when they come back and finding out about all the wonderful little-known gems they’ve discovered along the way.”

“Despite the obvious setbacks that COVID-19 has brought, I’m still feeling excited about the travel industry and the joy that it brings. I’ve worked through September 11, the demise of Ansett and the Gulf War. There are always going to be events beyond our control and this is just another speed hump to weather. It actually gives us a really great opportunity to explore our own country and embrace our own culture a little more. I’ve always told clients looking for a beach holiday that we’ve got the best beaches right here. Tasmania has some of the world’s best trekking and people come from around the globe to experience Uluru. Domestic travel is a great way to support our industry and discover the extraordinary attractions available on our own doorstep.”

After sitting down with Michelle is became clear that taking the perfect holiday means focusing on your why, your purpose. It can be so much more for filling when you lose track of time, get lost or take the back road. Sometimes the best experiences are the ones we don’t know yet exist.

To get in touch with Michelle a local resident call 1300 414 1800 or 0407 279 301, email, check out or follow her on Instagram @adventumtravel19, which offers up plenty of great travel tips and ideas.

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