• June 1, 2020

I don’t think anyone could have predicted how the last few months would unfold, but that didn’t stop the younger generation of the Inner West filling our office’s windows with hundreds of colourful Art Month entries.

This April saw the return of Cobden & Hayson’s popular ART MONTH competition. The initiative encouraged local kids to showcase their talents by designing the artwork for our SOLD stickers and due to the growth in our property management division over the past 12 months, meant LEASE stickers were also added to the mix.

Over the past five years, Matthew Hayson has seen the positive impact the competition brings to our community. Art Month has been a fantastic way to engage with the kids in our community, inspire creativity, get them off ipads and produce our next round of stickers. It’s been nothing short of amazing to see the amount of time, detail and flair these budding artists delivered.

Each year, the grand prize winner for each age group was gifted with a large hamper of art supplies and a gift voucher for a local Art School, while all entries were presented with smaller prize that will hopefully encourage them to continue to innovate.

“The comments we received from by passers looking at our window display was great and really stood out on the street. The whole campaign highlighted our aim to become part of and support our community.”

When it came time to choose a winner, it was near impossible and the voting came down to the wire, however one of our major winners was 12-year-old Charlie who took out one of six grand prizes at our Balmain office. He produced a colourful piece inspired by property within the inner west using a mixture of pens and paint to create a bold drawing that the whole office adored.

Kelly Petrini, General Manager – Property Management Department said “There’s nothing like children’s artwork to put a smile on the faces of passer’s by, not to mention the young, budding artist’s’ faces and to spread some colour cheer amongst our neighbourhood – it make us all so happy”

Annandale, Drummoyne, Lane Cove and Marrickville winners were all just as impressive. These major prize winners produced exceptional pieces that we cannot wait to display out and about.

Our Drummoyne Marketing Manager, Tanya Hatton said “Our pre-schools and primary schools totally embrace the art month competition each year. This year we had an even bigger response with more fabulous entries coming in. Judging is harder each year as the quality and variety of talent increases, we certainly have some up and coming artists in our community!”

Look out for all the entries around your neighbourhood.

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