• August 13, 2020

With so many unusual and unprecedented market forces at play, these strange times have reinforced the fact that rapid change and adaption are crucial to succeed. In fact, they’re vital to simply be able to keep doing what we love. While this is true of most sectors, the real estate industry is a really great example of how those who are nimble, agile and innovative can not only survive but thrive during times of upheaval or crisis.

Over the past three months we’ve really had to examine the way in which we approach real estate, and the good news is that the advancements to come out of this deliver benefits to our clients in terms of both enhanced service and results. We’ve had plenty of positive feedback from buyers about our detailed video property walk-throughs while the private inspections born out of necessity from COVID have also been well received. 

C&H continues to evolve in the technology space in both sales and property management. Andre Cumberland, our Head of Operations, comments “Many of our clients self-educate and do their own research when looking to buy/sell/invest. We find that the last thing on their to-do list is to make contact with an actual agent, and we get it. Our clients don’t want the constant badgering via phone calls, generic emails and SMS’s as soon as they enquire about a property, which in many cases is common practice. We’re doing our best to balance the way in which we communicate while maintaining our position as a market leader and a source of local truth. By investing in technologies like ActivePipe, we have the ability to provide a more tailored solution to our customers’ property needs and have more meaningful conversations.”

Our high-performing sales teams are in a particularly strong position to assist clients. Over the past three months we’ve sold more property than we’ve ever recorded across our five offices and sold properties in more suburbs than we’ve ever recorded. Tellingly, we received more 5 star Google reviews in the last three months than any other local agency. Off-market sales strategies have been seeing great success in the current climate. For example, we recently sold a three-bedroom terrace with no parking at 4 Linthorpe Street, Newtown for an impressive $1.75m.

Kelly Petrini, General Manager – Property Management

And our Property Management department doesn’t play second fiddle to our successful sales team. We manage one of the largest portfolios in the Inner West and have one of the lowest vacancy rates, which is a testament to our people, our training and our approach to business.

This Spring is definitely not like any other we’ve prepared for, however we genuinely feel that we’ve never been in a better position to help you achieve excellent results. We’ve embraced changed, harnessed the power of our experience and market insight and tailored our sales and marketing strategies to leverage the current market.

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