Transformed terrace set to become part of the next viral ad campaign

  • November 22, 2021

Sydney’s Annandale beauty waiting for the perfect photo opportunity!

Photo: Murray Fredericks

The “new to the market” Sydney terrace home, transformed into a contemporary beauty, is doing things a little different while it sits on

After undergoing a bit of a “glow up”, the Annandale house is just waiting to be snatched up. As keen buyers inspect the property, this home is also eager for content creators to use the space to create anything from Instagram posts to ads or films.

Photo: Murray Fredericks

This glamour house is not only listed on all real estate sites but also features on a marketplace called Skoutli, the “Airbnb for photoshoots and ads”. Skoutli is home to nearly 3000 assets listed by everyday people, all with one mission, to give content creators a location to create their content while also making some extra cash along the way.

“Skoutli is a great connection marketplace. We are here to connect asset owners and content creators. This beautiful architecturally designed home is a perfect asset for Skoutli and we can see content creators would love to create their next viral piece of content in this space. We love the idea of helping homeowners make extra money and love that we can help those even selling their homes. It is a great way to get that little bit extra from the place you once called home,” said Caroline Lepron, CEO and Co-Founder of Skoutli.

This home is the perfect example of how homeowners can make money while in a bid to sell their current house. Because as we know, selling a home isn’t done for free.

Photo: Murray Fredericks

“When it comes to selling a home, there are a lot of expenses that need to be covered and some homeowners are spending $10,000+ on property styling for it just to sit there waiting for inspections. If you are selling a house and pop it up on Skoutli as well, there are a lot of gains here. If someone wants to inspect that house for a day there is a shoot, how good would it look if all the owner said was ‘sorry, we have a photoshoot happening that day, how about another day?’. I feel it would make the house look even better,” said Mat Wilk, Director of Ballast Point who played a role in the design and build of the Annandale home.

Homes that are waiting to be bought generally look at their absolute best, so it is the perfect opportunity for homeowners to sign up to Skoutli and see if any content creators can create some great content in their space. 

“We aren’t just looking for those incredibly aesthetically pleasing homes either. We need all types of homes to make this platform available for everyone! Not all content creators need to book a house for a whole 24 hours, maybe they just need a few hours or need a certain room! It is a great chance for con to save money and for these asset owners to earn extra money,” said Caroline.

To learn more about Skoutli and how they help connect content creators with everyday asset owners, please check out the website –

Media Contact, for more information:

Caroline Lepron |  CEO and Co-Founder of Skoutli


PH: 0414800277

About Skoutli

Skoutli is here to help creators/businesses solve a difficult, expensive and time-sensitive problem: finding locations to bring content to life while also helping everyday asset owners make some extra cash.

We are Skoutli! An online platform serving the fast growing content creator economy. We connect creators/producers with property or asset owners (houses, cars and commercial spaces). Skoutli’s advertised locations have been used for photoshoots and ads for brands like eBay, Afterpay, Bumble and many more!

Content creation at any location! Be part of the next BIG web platform for content creators!

About Ballast Point 

Ballast Point is Sydney’s leading integrated design, development, and construction company. More here

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