• February 1, 2017

In a heated market when properties may seem to sell themselves, it’s fair to ask, what value does an agent bring to the process?

As an industry we are often pigeonholed and questioned about the benefits we deliver during the boom times. On the surface it’s easy to think agencies are rather generic and are all pretty much the same. But it’s not until you go through the buying or selling process and scratch the surface that you’ll discover what value a truly good agent can bring.

Many people look at a strong result and assume that it was straightforward and simply a product of heated demand. What’s forgotten is the strategic marketing, the hours and hours of calls, inspections and refinement that goes into negotiating a sale. We know when to hold, push ahead or accept an offer. We read the play instinctively and this is something that comes only after thousands of transactions, developing an intimate knowledge of behaviours and patterns that we read every day.

As a company we provide our team with an exceptional, out-of-the-ordinary depth of knowledge.

Our clients benefit from the countless hours of training and substantial investment we make in innovation, marketing, technology and skill development. Meet with us and you’ll quickly discover that we don’t take a cookie cutter approach. Instead we have a specific strategy individually tailored to suit each client, getting right down to the finer details. For example, we’ll suggest all manner of minor and major improvements if we feel they will add significant value.

We offer deep insight into the demographic and market specifics so that every client is well armed with the most detailed information to make good decisions. We have refined the art of communication so that you can delve into the space of selling or leasing a property and become an expert – a powerful tool when it comes to your largest asset.

Our agents work an average of 70 hours per week but our working hours never really end. We’re constantly on call and responsive, we live with urgency and act when a client needs action. We hear of the Ubers of real estate and disruption in the industry and our view is “bring it on, let’s get on board!”


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