Katya Iannino

Katya Iannino

Property Officer


  • Committed to nurturing strong client relationships and ensuring their comfort.
  • Thrives on assuming new roles and expanding expertise within the real estate sector.
  • Demonstrates a proactive mindset and a flair for problem-solving.


  • Skillfully navigates challenges, delivering effective solutions.
  • Fosters a friendly atmosphere conducive to all parties involved.
  • Develops a deep understanding of clients’ requirements, tailoring solutions to their preferences.


  • Italian native fluent in the language, with a childhood spent in Italy until age 10.
  • Passionate about music and enjoys experimenting with various instruments.
  • Proud owner of a mischievous pet bunny notorious for devouring chargers weekly.

WHY Katya?

With extensive experience in customer service, Katya brings a wealth of interpersonal skills to the role. Renowned for her friendly demeanour, unwavering dedication, and approachable nature, she is dedicated to delivering exceptional service while embracing the challenges and opportunities that arise in this dynamic industry.

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