Gina Maglione

Gina Maglione

Senior Property Manager

– A career in real estate since 2012
– Possessing 11 years of expertise in property management
– Having prior experience in the diamond jewelry sector

– Demonstrates a keen eye for detail
– Exhibits practical problem-solving skills
– Is known for being efficient, trustworthy, and dependable

– Enjoys spending time outdoors, particularly at the beach and in natural settings
– Has a deep affection for her rescue cats, Phoenix Alexander and Jasper Onyx
– Enjoys catching up with friends

Gina, a seasoned property manager at CobdenHayson, brings a wealth of experience to her role with a career spanning since 2012, boasting over a decade of expertise in property management. Her background extends beyond the real estate realm, having previously worked in the diamond jewelry sector. Known for her remarkable specialisations, Gina showcases a keen eye for detail and consistently exhibits practical problem-solving skills, making her an efficient, trustworthy, and dependable professional. Beyond her professional life, Gina is an individual who appreciates the great outdoors, finding solace in spending time at the beach and in natural settings.

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