Catherine Zatti

Catherine Zatti

Sales & Operations


  • Two decades of selling and operational expertise in real estate
  • The solutionist; strong ability to resolve any problem presented
  •  A seasoned pro in business acumen


  • Skilled in project management and trade harmony
  • An acute eye for detail
  • Skilled at getting to the point and the outcome quickly


  • A love for all things food, family and friends
  • Love for nature and the outdoors
  • Lives and breathes property, design and architecture

Catherine is the engine room behind Ben and Angeline’s team. She is warm and caring but driven to ensure all elements of each client’s programs are executed at the highest level; mistakes don’t happen in her world. With years of experience in selling and operations in the real estate space, Catherine is fuelled by happy clients and their success moments. A family-focused person with a love for property, Catherine’s inviting nature makes her a welcoming addition to anyone she comes in contact with.

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