At Cobden & Hayson we’ve always endeavoured to be more than just a team selling and managing homes. We consider ourselves a solutions-based agency that happens to specialise in property, one that’s here to facilitate all of your real estate needs, whatever that might entail. 

Right now there are some pretty significant hurdles in place to say the least. However, we are well attuned to changing conditions and have the ability to adapt and provide you with the solutions and answers you need to navigate this new landscape. Rest assured you can still buy property and you can still lease property. We’re here to keep people moving while carefully adhering to all measures advised by the Government to ensure the safety of our community.

While we are continuing with business as usual, it will require a number of radical changes. Here’s a little insight into how we will be handling this extraordinary environment.

New inspection procedures

We have new, safer inspection procedures in place. While all public open homes have been cancelled, all of our properties are now open for inspection via private appointment only. You will have an allocated timeslot with a maximum of two people in your party inside the residence at any time. Everyone will be required to use the hand sanitiser we provide. Please call one of our five offices and we’ll take care of the appointment, or visit ch.com.au for more information.

New auction procedures

We also have new auction procedures in place, with all of our auctions moving online through leading auctioneer Damien Cooley’s site AuctionNow. All bidders will need to pre-register prior to the auction and can do this through the sales agent or via our web listings. Bidding can be done over the phone or through the AuctionNow app. The auction process will also be available for live viewing on AuctionNow.

Virtual tours and videography

We are introducing virtual tours for most properties currently online and those coming onto the market. Our aim is to bring our customers as close to the real life inspection experience as we possibly can. Our virtual tours highlight all the important spaces in a house. Viewers can navigate their way from room to room, go to all floors and check out the house in detail.

Additionally, off the back of our successful ‘Every home has a story’ video series, we will also continue to encourage our vendors to share their stories of how they’ve enjoyed their home. It’s a unique and emotive approach that really works to engage prospective buyers and illuminate the world of possibilities.

Social media

As more people sit at home killing time, social media will become a huge driver for engagement. All our agents will be launching more social to their personal and brand channels, giving each property more exposure. Our agents have the best advice, design and engagement strategies to ensure your property is seen by more people.

We are continuing to sell property on a daily basis, however with the restrictions in place, it will be those who adapt to change who will succeed through these uncharted waters.