Our Drummoyne office has been undergoing a metamorphosis of late, providing an excellent opportunity to inject some new vigour into the agency, reinforce the corporate culture and drive growth. The office has a new leadership structure, with Mia Fredrix, Daniel Patterson and Tim Wieland now the trio at the helm.

Of the directorial changes Dan enthuses, “In the transition my role has been elevated to include management of the sales team, reporting to Mia and Tim on performance. It’s a responsibility that I’m particularly enjoying, especially the mentoring and motivating aspect. One thing that really hits home in this role is that you’re nothing without fantastic staff, especially if you’re a hands-on principal who’s still out in the field selling, which we all are.”

Mia adds, “I’m genuinely excited by the restructure. Having someone like Dan, who’s really passionate about what he does, who wants to lead and wants to grow the sales team really puts a fire in my belly! I’m looking after the majority of the property management side of things and it’s so apparent how fortunate we are to have such wonderful PM and sales teams.”

Dan adds, “The three of us sat down to identify our core values as a business. These principles are now set in stone and reflect who we are as people, how we engage with clients and how we engage with the community. They’re the driving force behind every decision we make. We also held a company event where everyone had an opportunity to help establish our corporate culture moving forward. It was totally collaborative, not simply us delegating, which they all really appreciated.”   

“Our success will really be underpinned by the fact that we have a shared vision for where the business is heading. Our immense mutual respect is also pivotal to the partnership,” says Mia. “I’ve been a sole director in my career but having Dan and Tim, with their passion, enthusiasm and leadership qualities, has been so beneficial and made me more comfortable. The sales team is happier because Dan cares so much about what they’re doing and how he can help and that’s a huge bonus. You have to be around for your staff.”

“Mia and I have a definite synergy,” adds Dan. We’re similar people, we’ve got a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality and we can both be intense in a work environment. As an agent and a business owner she’s done a lot to mentor and help me. She’s instilled confidence in the leadership I provide for the team. She’s a hard worker and a high performer and it’s not always easy to find that combination in a principal.

Right now we’re really focused on nurturing our agents to be the high performers they’re capable of being. We’re looking at expanding into other markets to accelerate growth, which is great news for our clients. With the addition of accomplished agent Mario Mazzeo we’ve now opened up the Haberfield and Concord markets. We’ve noticed that buyers aren’t being suburb specific in their searches. Instead they’re looking within a radius and are more driven by price. Tapping into these new markets is enabling us to offer more opportunities for buyers as well as coming across buyers from different areas that we can now introduce to our core market areas, thereby helping our vendors.

We’ve set some ambitious but achievable performance objectives for the business and team to aim towards. In terms of sales volume we want to continue our dominance in our core markets of 2046 and 2047. We normally track about 120 sales transactions annually and we’d like increase that to 150. We also have aspirations to grow the PM division to about 1000 managements. Smart thinking, smart strategies and smart teamwork is what’s going to drive us to this success.”

Posted in Drummoyne, Inner West on 4th November, 2020