As a solutions-based agency we’re here to help you navigate every aspect of your property journey, and that often starts with some solid advice on maximising the value of your home from the outset.

Some people appear to be coming out of COVID with a sense of peace with where they live but a desire to update their homes to reflect their current lifestyle, having spent more time in them than usual. Others who may have emerged with a desire to move (data shows that property searches have never been higher) are finding that with limited stock, renovation of their existing home may be a good alternative. While COVID has obviously impacted the financial circumstances of some, others have actually found themselves with more disposable income and time too, thanks to no overseas holidays, limited activities and fewer dinners out! All of these factors are driving a bit of a renovation blitz locally.

Our immersion in the market means we understand precisely what local buyers are looking for. As a vendor this information is invaluable however even for those not contemplating selling at this point, it can really pay to get an agent’s perspective on improvements that will be beneficial in the long term. This is where C&H can help.

We can provide clear direction on what you can do in a practical sense to add value, lift key areas and make your home as appealing and memorable as possible. We know what works, what’s a good investment and, importantly, what’s not worth undertaking. We’ve been through crashes and market uncertainty and our advice is always transparent and trusted, providing smart solutions that maximise potential but won’t break the bank. That way, when the time does come to sell, you’re in the best possible position.

Hart Street, Balmain East – Previously promoted as a bedroom, we converted to another living.

As an example, we just sold a property on Hart Street Balmain East, which had undertaken three sale campaigns with different agents over the past twelve months when the vendor approached us after we sold another property in the street. The vendor was unsure why their property had not sold and was contemplating remodeling their ensuite bathroom for c$35k off the back of some buyer feedback. Instead, we put the vendor in touch with a great builder who did a mini makeover for less than a fifth of that budget which delivered the desired impact of an updated bathroom. We also adjusted the marketing strategy and instead of pitching the property as a four-bedroom home and attracting families, we targeted professional couples and downsizers that preferred three-bedrooms plus more living space. We also styled the property to match our strategy which proved to be the right one as we sold the property via our database after just 18 days.

Hart Street, Balmain East – Previously promoted as a bedroom, we converted to another lounge.

To achieve successful results for clients in today’s climate, we as agents need to do so much more than simply sell homes. At C&H our point of difference lies in the value added services we offer, the work we do behind the scenes and the way we identify every opportunity to make clients’ lives easier.