CobdenHayson aligns with St Canice’s Kitchen

CobdenHayson aligns with St Canice’s Kitchen

  • June 14, 2024

Humility is a virtue that is rarely assigned to real estate agents, however, behind the scenes at CH it is a key human trait that we discuss at length and is part of our DNA. We’ve always been deep into community support, adding our energy and time to play our role in making our neighbours the rich and engaged communities that they are and elevating the very best in people.

Recently we have aligned with St Canice’s Kitchen in Rushcutters Bay to help prepare and serve small meals for less fortunate folks around Sydney. St Canice’s is right at the coalface of an era of increasing mental health, homelessness and the real time impact of the increased cost-of-living crisis and it is a crisis.

The kitchen prepares and serves thousands of homeless every week with fresh, hearty and healthy meals which are vital for nutrition. But beyond the meals, it’s the warm, welcoming and smiling faces of the volunteers and a safe place to enjoy a warm soup and coffee which is so vital for a growing disadvantaged group of Sydney. As we move deeper into winter, the work of St Canice’s only becomes more vital and at CH we’re humbled to be a part of the most important project that continues to need more help and support.

In what seems like an overwhelming task at times, the universal message of start local before you go global rings true. Looking directly at the faces in need within our own city and our own communities is where our efforts need to go and making a direct impact to the lives of those in desperate need for support.

If you’re interested in helping in the kitchen or putting forward a tax deductible donation, you can use this link:

We’re humbled to be part of the wonderful St Canice’s Kitchen and our entire team can see the positive impact they are making to the lives of less fortunate Sydneysiders.

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