• July 3, 2018

There have been endless discussions regarding WestConnex, one of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects, and people frequently ask us how we believe it will impact our local community.


The $17 billion toll road development has been fully approved and is currently at stage three, however, we are yet to see final plans and infrastructure. People are naturally averse to anything uncertain and the lack of clarity on these works has left many sceptical of the project’s benefits versus its potential downsides.

For example, there will be a network of tunnels under Lilyfield and Rozelle but we don’t know precisely where yet. Many are questioning the environmental impact of the exhaust stacks that will be positioned near the Rozelle Interchange near the City West Link and along Victoria Road near Rozelle Public School.

To facilitate the project’s proposed Iron Cove Link Tunnel that will run from the Rozelle Interchange to the Iron Cove Bridge, 30 odd houses will have to be acquired along Victoria Road. People are also concerned about the effects of the construction of the Western Harbour Tunnel that will link Rozelle to the Northern Beaches, with part of King George Park slated to be used for building and vehicles.

There is no doubt that in immediate terms, uncertainty around this project has negatively impacted housing prices and is likely to continue doing so throughout the construction phase. However, if we look at the bigger picture, once construction is complete, there will be some real upsides that we expect will push strong price growth.

For example, our region will emerge as Sydney’s best connected, with radically improved access to the city, airport and Northern Beaches. We will also see fewer vehicles along congested Victoria Road, making it more pedestrian and business friendly. New green space and sporting fields are proposed near the Rozelle Interchange and cycleways will link through to Glebe and the soon-to-be-transformed Fish Market precinct.

Existing industrial badlands, asbestos-filled warehouses and unused goods lines will be reclaimed for the project, making use of underutilised land.

Sydney is at capacity so we need to upgrade our roads (and public transport!) to keep pace – such development is part of the trade-off of living in the heart of a global city. Provided the government delivers on its promise to enhance community amenity such as green space in the project, there will likely be a long-term positive impact on our area.

If you’d like some advice regarding this project and how it could affect your property choices, we’re here to help.

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