• March 3, 2017

384 Bourke Street, Surry Hills


Forming part of Bourke Street’s distinctive Victorian streetscape, this grand 19th century terrace has been owned since 1992 by acclaimed film director Vincent Ward.

Renowned for films such as the Academy Award winning What Dreams May Come, Vigil, The Navigator and Map Of The Human Heart, multi award-winning director Vincent has earned international acclaim for his unique visual style and ethereal imagery.

When we caught up with Vincent in Surry Hills, he told us about the parallels between his home and his film career. The three level terrace at 384 Bourke Street has been his base for 25 years and Vincent has tried to preserve the fabric and as much of the character of the home as possible.

Interestingly, the late 19th century has also been a consistent theme in his body of work with many of his films reflecting imagery and ideals from the era – most notably, his 1998 film starring Robin Williams, What Dreams May Come, and the 2003 movie he executive produced starring Tom Cruise, Last Samurai. In What Dreams May Come, the works of 19th century masters play a key role in defining and communicating Ward’s vision of the afterlife as a series of canvases. The 19th century painting imagery evokes a sense of time when most people believed in life after death and the concept of Paradise.

Vincent has listed his property at 384 Bourke Street in Surry Hills for sale to help raise funds for his latest project, an Australian film set in Tasmania in the late 19th century. It’s an interesting notion how the homes we are drawn to live in reflect on our lives and work and the parallels we can draw between the two. Renowned as Sydney’s creative hub, Surry Hills has long been a melting pot that sums up Australia’s dynamic mix of cultures, heritage and entrepreneurial spirit.


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