Tim, Abby & Jack – Drummoyne’s formidable team

Tim, Abby & Jack – Drummoyne’s formidable team

  • November 22, 2023

Director of CH Drummoyne Tim Wieland is unquestionably one of the area’s most accomplished agents, with almost four decades of experience in the industry. Working together for the past three years, Tim and Sales Associates Abby Waddington and Jack Hughes make up a powerful force in local real estate.

“As lifelong locals, all of our families knew each other, which is how we came to join forces,” says Abby. “No-one knows more about the market than Tim, so he’s the ultimate professional to work alongside.”

So why is the team the ideal fit for so many clients who entrust them with the sale of their home? Tim comments, “It really comes down to experience, a focus on communication and immersion in the community, both personally and professionally. The male/female dynamic also appeals to plenty of buyers, and it’s a benefit to have a range of ages to see things from different perspectives.”

“I’ve learned so many valuable lessons selling real estate over the years,” he continues. “Always treat people the way you’d like them to treat you. Treat every listing opportunity as equal in the way you approach them – it doesn’t matter how well you know the vendors or what the price. Be professional, listen before you speak and respect everyone who has something to do with the process. You can learn something new every day.”

“Building relationships within the community has been a cornerstone of our success as a local real estate agents. The value of these relationships cannot be overstated as they form the foundation for trust, credibility and a positive reputation,” says Tim. Jack adds, “First and foremost, being actively involved in community events and initiatives has allowed me to connect with residents on a personal level. Whether it’s participating in local charity events or sponsoring our beloved Dirty Reds (Drummoyne Rugby), these interactions have provided invaluable opportunities to understand the unique needs and preferences of locals.”

“Providing common sense advice is crucial in guiding clients through the complexities of the real estate market,” says Abby. “Whether it’s pricing a property appropriately, understanding market trends or navigating legal processes, practical and straightforward insight helps clients make informed decisions that align with their goals. Keeping them well-informed throughout the entire process fosters transparency and trust. We prioritise clear and open communication, ensuring that clients are aware of every step, potential challenges and available options.”

When it comes to what the team is currently seeing in the market, Tim comments, “Online enquiries and foot traffic through open inspections are generally positive, however the depth of the buyer pool for any particular property is thin, especially as we head towards the end of the year. People are a little hesitant to buy right now due to factors such as rising interest rates, inflation and cost of living pressures, however it will be interesting to see if this turns around in the new year.”

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