The powerhouse trio at CobdenHayson Earlwood

The powerhouse trio at CobdenHayson Earlwood

  • February 15, 2024

Jim Nikolopoulos, director at our Marrickville office, and Daniella Wassef first met while working at Favorito Real Estate, which at the time was a 40-year-old landmark family business that Jim subsequently purchased. Joseph Karam joined the team after following Jim’s career moves and coming along to his auctions to keep track of the Earlwood market. When Joseph was looking at making a move to elevate his sales career, he knew that Jim and the CH brand were the right fit. Creating a reliable and successful trio, Joseph has been working with Jim and Daniella for almost 3.5 years now, consistently performing and instilling trust in buyers and sellers.

“We’re embedded in our community that we service,” says Jim. “We’re adaptable to the changing market and genuinely want to help people. It’s so rewarding to witness clients’ journeys, from newly married to evolving their families and upsizing their homes. We’re definitely here for the long haul and enjoy being part of clients’ transition through the various stages of life.”

“Joseph and I have a mutual belief in the importance of building relationships,” adds Jim. “After all, people chat and they will talk about how they were treated by their agent, for better or worse. We’re all about acting on behalf of our community and living and working in the area allows us to understand our potential vendors and buyers. We engage with them while out for coffee with friends or doing our grocery shopping, allowing us to get to know each other outside of a work environment. It’s these day-to-day interactions that people watch. They take notice of how you treat others – with respect, or lack of it – to understand our behaviour as agents.”

“Tailoring your approach to clients is vital,” adds Joseph, “because each sale varies greatly. Product knowledge is also a key to success, particularly when it comes to pricing and guiding buyers when comparing property.”

“In many ways buying a home has become easier, with a plethora of information available to buyers who are now more educated in building their wealth,” says Jim. “However, in other ways, it’s become more challenging, for example when it comes to borrowing and changes to stamp duty. This is where common sense advice, strong communication, and reliable performance come into play.”

“Our guidance for buyers is to set their budget with a broker and know exactly how much they have to spend. We recommend they do their research and hone their product knowledge in terms of the suburbs they’re looking in, making sure they’re up to date on the most recent comparable sales. This will allow for a better gauge on price guides for properties they inspect, which is important given that many agents are notorious for underquoting. Be upfront when speaking with agents when it comes to price so they can best assist you in your property search. If agents don’t know the specific bracket you’re looking in or your definitive property requirements, it’s challenging to offer astute advice.”

If you’re looking for a team with that are nimble and effective when adaptation is required to meet any market environment, look no further than the team at CobdenHayson Earlwood.

Jim Nikolopoulos | 0406 626 663

Joseph Karam | 0423 908 844

Daniella Wassef | 0455 095 256

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