The Power of Partnership: Developers and CobdenHayson Projects

The Power of Partnership: Developers and CobdenHayson Projects

  • September 20, 2023

When it comes to selling newly built homes, developers often face unique challenges that require specialised expertise. While constructing remarkable properties is a developer’s forte, navigating the complex world of real estate sales can be a daunting task. That’s where CobdenHayson Projects comes into play.

22a Charles Street, Marrickville

Our partnership with developers provides a multitude of advantages that can elevate development projects to new heights and help developers navigate the intricacies of real estate sales with confidence. From market insights and marketing expertise to access to a vast network of buyers, this collaboration can be a strategic move that drives success.

We are widely experienced in the development space, with several of our team working in construction prior to real estate and a number managing their own projects outside of their day-to-day sales roles. This grants us beneficial knowledge of materials as well as an in-depth understanding of the local council code (LEP and DCP). We have insight into the raw value of land along with site possibilities and validity as determined by feasibility studies. This uncommon knowledge is the foundation of CobdenHayson Projects and the key to our continued success in this specialised arena.

Ben Southwell comments, “CobdenHayson has been a respected, dependable name in the local boutique development space for the past 10 years. We are extremely grateful for the trust that more and more property developers and architects place in our guidance, rewarding us with their continued business. Like any building, this relationship starts with strong foundations.”

We currently have a number of impressive projects for sale:

86 Macauley Street, Leichhardt

22a Charles Street, Marrickville

97 Allen Street, Leichhardt

CobdenHayson Projects also recently sold 4a Coneill Place, Forest Lodge which was awarded the Master Builders Association award. From boutique rental conversions to luxurious ground-up homes and landmark new apartment developments, you can browse our full portfolio of current offerings and upcoming projects here.

Understanding the Role of CobdenHayson Projects

CobdenHayson Projects serves as the dedicated point of contact for developer clients, providing a wealth of benefits that may not be afforded by regular real estate agents. By partnering with CobdenHayson Projects, developers can gain invaluable support in various aspects of property development and sales, enhancing their chances of success in the competitive Sydney real estate market.

Market Insights: Your Guiding Light in Development

CobdenHayson Projects boasts a deep understanding of the Sydney property landscape, providing developers with access to vital market insights including trends, pricing data and demand analysis. Armed with this information, developers can make well-informed decisions about their projects, setting them on the path to success from the outset.

Marketing Expertise: Crafting a Compelling Narrative

We have honed our marketing skills through years of experience, meaning we can assist developers in creating effective marketing strategies to appeal to potential buyers and investors. From online campaigns to traditional advertising and property showcasing, our expertise can make all the difference in attracting the right audience.

Access to a Vast Network: Broadening Your Horizons

CobdenHayson has an extensive database of potential buyers and investors and partnering with us allows developers to tap into this network, accelerating property sales. Quick access to interested parties can significantly expedite the development process.

Accurate Property Valuation: The Key to Informed Decisions

CobdenHayson Projects offers developers precise property valuations based on intimate local market knowledge and expertise. This is invaluable when making financial decisions related to development, pricing and financing. With reliable valuation data, developers can confidently plan their projects.

Streamlined Sales Process: Focusing on What Matters

By entrusting CobdenHayson Projects with tasks such as property showings, negotiations and paperwork, developers can concentrate on their core business of property development. This streamlining of the sales process can save time and resources while ensuring a smoother transaction.

Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the Legal Maze

We are well-versed in the legal and regulatory requirements of property transactions and can help developers navigate complex regulations, ensuring that all transactions comply with local laws. This expertise is crucial for avoiding legal pitfalls.

Property Management Services: A Comprehensive Solution

In addition to sales, CobdenHayson offers property management services which can be advantageous for developers looking to generate rental income from their properties. These services include tenant screening, lease management and property maintenance, providing a hassle-free rental experience.

Local Expertise: Targeting the Right Markets

CobdenHayson has a strong presence in our local neighbourhoods and this honed expertise can be invaluable for developers looking to target specific markets with their projects. Understanding local nuances can make a substantial difference in project success.

Negotiation Skills: Securing the Best Deals

As skilled negotiators we can help developers secure the best deals when buying or selling properties, negotiating favourable terms with buyers, sellers and financial institutions which can result in significant cost savings.

Brand Credibility: Building Trust

Partnering with a well-established real estate agency like CobdenHayson enhances a developer’s credibility and reputation in the market. Buyers and investors are more likely to trust properties associated with a reputable agency, which can lead to faster sales.

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