• June 5, 2019

It’s no news to anyone that the property market has changed. The media is rampant with stories of doom and gloom and, quite frankly, a little bit of fear mongering. It’s not surprising that would-be vendors or buyers are cautious right now – things are uncertain, we get it! However, having weathered the storms of the market’s many cyclical ups and downs, we see this softening as more of a correction than an obstacle. There are still great opportunities and results to be had – you just need an agent who knows how to get there.

More than ever it’s vital to understand the nuances and fine details unique to our local property market, and this knowledge, this insight can only really come from total immersion in the market. Our agents have an inherent understanding of why people buy here. It’s imperative to recognise the emotional connection buyers have to a property and why. We understand the feeling of making your first purchase and getting your foot in the door. We know the pleasure it brings to make a move up the property ladder through hard work and savvy decisions, as well as the satisfaction of buying to achieve a specific lifestyle aim.

Easy access to market information can be both a blessing and a curse in real estate. On the one hand everyone’s now got immediate access to extensive up-to-the-minute commentary and data. However, on the other hand this can often leave people believing half-truths and relying on biased, unqualified information.

Speaking to an agent who’s completely absorbed in your market is still the best path to demystifying the property landscape. We cut out the hyperbole and eliminate the noise, instead replacing it with straight talk and honest, informed, well-researched advice. We’re all about removing the distractions.

We’ve been progressive in implementing the most advanced processes and tools for the benefit of our clients. On top of this our market immersion allows us to devise accurate pricing models which drive speedy sales while extracting the best price from the market.

Importantly, we understand what we’re really here to do for our clients (apart from negotiating the maximum price of course), which is essentially everything. Vendors look to us for a complete end-to-end solution, taking care of every last detail and leaving nothing to chance. This starts with astute advice and correct pricing and involves everything from rapidly and cost-effectively getting your home market-ready to innovative marketing strategies and savvy price negotiations.

It also helps that the culture we’ve nurtured allows us to be nimble, agile and constantly improve. We’re not bound by the constraints of a franchise so we can readily adapt to the ever-changing real estate arena. If you need some reassurance that selling, and selling well, is achievable in the current climate, get in touch.



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