• September 18, 2017

Ever evolving technology combined with the power of the internet and social media have made huge changes to the world of property management. Gone are the days when we had to post a carbon copy of routine inspection reports to interstate or overseas investors. Now we use an app to take photos and email the inspection report in real time to property owners anywhere in the world. It’s instant, easy and incredibly efficient. In the not so distant past, we would advertise rental properties through print media with costs of up to $150 a week! Now we simply upload to the web and reach every prospective tenant across the globe at the touch of a button for a nominal one-off fee.



There’s An App For That


Our Property Management teams pride themselves on being at the forefront of the industry by embracing the latest technologies. Now you can search for a property, register your interest, communicate and download information all from your laptop or smart phone. Our online booking system, InspectRealEstate, allows prospective tenants to schedule an inspection from their phone and enables us to continually build our database and stay in contact with active tenants. Another invaluable tool is tApp which streamlines the application process by carrying out automated screening and cross-referencing through Trading Reference Australia. What used to take hours is now done in seconds.

From a landlord’s perspective, things have never been simpler. Inspection Manager is a powerful mobile inspection tool for managing routine inspections and delivering condition reports while REST Communicator gives our clients online access to financial data and investment reports or get in touch with their Property Manager 24/7.



Presence With Purpose


Smart Property Management means making use of the best tools out there to improve productivity and efficiency. It’s simply a function of the modern 24/7 mode of work. From remote meetings via FaceTime to online tenancy applications, technology makes us more proactive and responsive than ever before.

It’s crucial to appreciate, however, that the importance of a face-to-face presence will never fade. Now, more than ever, it’s presence with purpose.

Our teams of professional Leasing Consultants and Property Managers maintain a strong presence in the Inner West and Inner East and are committed to providing a first-class service. It’s the little things like 30-minute open homes instead of the 15-minute industry standard and on-point marketing that make a big difference at Cobden & Hayson.


Learn more about our Property Management team here.

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