Terase Calligeros Real Estate Agent

Terase Calligeros


Terase Calligeros

- Proud Lane Cove agent since 2001, also a qualified accountant
- Enthusiastic, dedicated, confident and professional
- Highly people orientated
- Operates with complete integrity
- Pragmatic and efficient in her approach

- Loves a challenge and works well under pressure
- Always upbeat with an unwaveringly positive approach
- Empathetic to the needs of both vendors and purchasers
- Goals and price driven ensuring a smooth sale and greater results

- Enjoys cooking, eating, travelling, reading and walking
- Family focused, living locally with her husband and children since 1986
- Loves everything about Lane Cove, especially the neighbours!

WHY Terase?
As a proud local Terase has an intimate knowledge of the Lane Cove market, its properties and its people. A passionate advocate for the social and economic benefits of living in the area, her clients turn to her for informed, trustworthy advice, unique insight and a rewarding sales experience.

9427 7466

0418 245 874