Tamsin Wilson Property Manager

Tamsin Wilson

Head of Property Management

Tamsin Wilson

- 15 years in Real Estate across all aspects of the industry
- Training and implementation of technology and systems
- Loves people and property

- Corporate Real Estate Trainer
- Experience in managing large teams
- Passion for systems and technology

- Studying to be a CrossFit coach
- Owns too many pairs of sneakers
- Loves to start a sentence with “ I was listening to a podcast…”

With more than 15 years of experience across all aspects of the real estate industry, Tamsin feels that consistent, honest communication sets the foundation for strong client relationships. Believing that a happy and productive team results in happy, satisfied clients, she’s instrumental in cultivating a corporate culture where staff enjoy coming to work every day. A lover of people and property, she has a passion for systems and technology and is a skilled corporate real estate trainer with expertise in managing large teams.

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