• August 9, 2018

Written by guest writer Natalie Fryer


Spring is on its way and you can see it everywhere at the moment. As we strip back layers of winter clothing, many of us have committed to rediscovering a fitter, healthier version of ourselves (even if it may be hard to find under that extra layer of flesh!). We’re braving the early mornings in ‘active wear’ and salads are replacing the comfort foods we became a little too friendly with over the cooler months. For some of us, overdue visits to waxing and nail salons are made in preparation for exposing body parts that have been enjoying a long hibernation.

Like our bodies, our homes can also benefit from a mini spring make-over as we prepare to expose them to family and friends over the warmer months! This is a great time of year to stand back and look at various rooms in the house to re-evaluate how they can be used better. You’ll enjoy the inevitable calm that comes from creating living spaces that are both beautiful and functional. Here are some simple tips:


1) Find a good handyman or woman to attack odd jobs that have accumulated over the winter months. A fresh coat of paint can transform the interior or exterior of your home.

2) De-clutter and re-organise bedrooms and living spaces. It’s amazing how much easier it is to keep rooms tidy when there’s actually a place for everything. Storage containers for pantries, wardrobes and offices don’t need to be ugly – there are plenty of great looking felt and fabric ones available from Ikea or K-mart.

3) Remove curtains and cushion covers and give them a wash. And consider splurging on a few new cushions to add colour and texture.

4) Give windows and light fittings a good clean, as well as removing cobwebs both inside and outside the home. Better still, get the kids to do it for extra pocket money!

5) Spend a day in the garden pruning and adding pots of colour to brighten outdoor spaces. Cutting back overgrown hedges and bushes can also bring more natural light into the home.


If you’re considering selling, in a slower market the presentation of your home has never been more important. It’s a simple fact that the most appealing properties sell faster and for more money. Property styling can be a valuable investment to boost the appeal and saleability of your home. A good stylist will help demonstrate the ideal layout for each room and highlight the property’s strongest assets. Most importantly, property styling creates an emotional connection between buyers and properties.


The beautiful cottage at 8 Clare St Balmain was a joy to style thanks to the owner’s diligent spring clean and preparation work.


The freshly painted walls and new pendant lights make the rooms gleam. Pots of white pansies on the front verandah add colour and curb appeal. The styling embraces the cottage charm of this property using an eclectic mix of older vintage pieces mixed with newer ones. The result is a stunning, authentic look and feel buyers will respond well to.

Your first ‘Open House’ is a bit like a first date. There’s a lot of grooming and maintenance required in order to present the best version of ourselves to the world. But it’s worth the effort if the result is a second look. Or better still, if it’s love at first sight.



Natalie Fryer – m2 Property Presentation www.m2pp.com.au


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