• July 31, 2019


One project that we’ve been immensely proud to be involved with of late is 100 Balmain/Parkes Residences. The development saw a landmark site by Punch Park innovatively re-imagined, transforming it into a collection of six terrace homes (Parkes Residences) along with an offering of boutique apartments (100 Balmain).



We’d certainly hail it as one of the peninsula’s most inspiring new developments and we were delighted to be entrusted by developer Leda Living with marketing the project. We were equally delighted to hear that it was shortlisted for two pretty impressive industry awards, ultimately winning a Development Excellence Award from Urban Taskforce.



The Urban Taskforce Development Excellence Awards acknowledge developments that achieve the best outcomes for all stakeholders in terms of client requirements, environment, business and community considerations, as well as time, cost and quality. They reflect the broad impact that urban development has on community and lifestyle.



We love the fact that the project pays homage to the past while championing progressive contemporary design. It really reflects local buyers’ love for all things heritage and their desire for preservation of the area’s traditional charm, married with their aspiration for state-of-the-art lifestyle features. It’s a building that will stand the test of time and a showcase of beautiful materials, fine craftsmanship and dramatic spaces.


We were privy to the painstaking development process that Leda Living undertook to ensure that the development was flawless and really wowed buyers, and we congratulate them on their win. It was well deserved.

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