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Patti Argitis


Patti Argitis

Meet Patti, the dedicated force behind our real estate office since 2012. With 15 years of local experience, she efficiently manages administrative tasks, ensuring smooth operations. Known for her honesty and commitment to service, she maintains a transparent and collaborative environment. Beyond the office, Patti is a social enthusiast and a proud mom of two boys, contributing positively to our workspace. Her role extends beyond expectations, creating an environment where our team functions seamlessly.

In the dynamic world of real estate, Patti plays a crucial role as an essential contributor, bringing her efficiency and commitment to every task. As a key support member, she values teamwork, family, and exceeding expectations. Whether ensuring transparent communication, supporting colleagues, or contributing to the office's functional aspects, Patti is an integral part of our operations, making our real estate journey not only successful but consistently reliable.

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