Managing your investment means more than collecting rent

You might notice something if you compare the properties on our website side by side. Our rental properties shine just as brightly as the properties we have for sale. That’s because we don’t have an “A-team” and a “B-team” of photographers and marketers. Our rental portfolio gets the same attention to detail and polish as our sales listings.

The high profile for our rental portfolio is reflected across every CobdenHayson office. Each office has a sales team and a separate, dedicated team that only handles the management of investment properties. That means you get expertise and focus from specialists. Those teams are led by experienced department heads, and our directors are always available, too.

Additionally, your property manager isn’t a sales-agent-in-waiting; your property manager is a professional… property manager. They’re doing the job they love, which means there’s little turnover in our team. It means you’ll be talking to someone who knows you, your property, your tenants and the backstory.

You’ll also be working with someone who can take a long term view on your real estate asset, including:

– Finding good tenants, which protects your asset
– Finding tenants who are likely to stay, which protects your monthly returns from interruption
– Talking about renovations and minor works to preserve or increase value
– Building relationships with a network of reliable trades; trades who’ll put you to the front of the queue
because of their relationship with us

It also helps to have a property manager who’s local. When you’re generally working no more than 10 minutes from a property, you can respond quickly when necessary.

Naturally, as you’d expect from professional property managers, we have:

– Strict arrears control
– Efficient reporting with effortless online access to all of your account information

If you’re looking for a property manager to work with you for the long term, then have a conversation with us.

For any property management inquiries please contact the following:

Annandale on 9552 4888
Balmain on 9818 3844
Drummoyne on 9719 8211
Lane Cove on 02 9427 7466
Marrickville on 02 8999 1000
Earlwood on 02 9559 2500
Petersham on 9568 2222

Are we already looking after your investment? Use the links below to log into your individual owner portal to gain access to information on your property: