You don’t need to believe we’re different. You’ll see the difference.

You know your real estate agent is different when walk-throughs at your open house include your agent’s colleagues from Cobden & Hayson’s offices around the Inner West and Lower North Shore. They’re experiencing your home and taking notes because they might have buyers for your house. That’s the sort of thing we mean when we say we’re not like other agents. Cobden & Hayson is a true network, not a collection of solo-operators competing behind a borrowed logo.

Our commitment to helping clients, each other and our communities in Sydney’s Inner West and Lower North Shore, is why 83% of our business comes from people who have sold or bought through Cobden & Hayson before. They don’t want to go anywhere else because they know we play it straight.

When you believe in the properties you represent, you don’t need to play it any other way.

If you’re looking for advice from the agents that clients come back to, please call your nearest Cobden & Hayson office. We’re local; we’re talking to people in your market every day, and we’re always happy to share what we know whether you’re thinking about selling, buying or renting today or in 10 years’ time.