Margaret Filby Property Manager

Margaret Filby

Property Manager

Margaret Filby

- A solid and personalised commitment for 30 years
- A wealth of knowledge and experience in Property Management with a dedicated focus on her portfolio
- Driven with integrity and a warm friendly professional approach
- Passionate about meeting her landlords and tenants needs
- Maintains a high level of customer service
- Always promoting Cobden & Hayson to the highest level of professionalism

- A seamless-hands on approach across all areas of property management from accounts to end of month
- Frequently mentoring colleagues and senior staff
- A dedicated and passionate commitment to ensuring the job at task is complete to 100% satisfaction
- A dynamic negotiator for the most comparable rent for the property between the tenant and landlord
- Represented both landlords and real estate agencies at high judicial tribunal trials
- Possess a high level of problem-solving skills, integrity, diplomacy, interpersonal communication, leadership qualities, attention to detail and time management skills
- Receiving numerous real estate awards
- Pivotal team player who is innovative and loves a challenge

- Member of the REINSW
- Energetic traveller only recently doing an African Safari tour
- Loves live concerts, politics, movies, wine & meditation
- Socialising and people watching

Marg has a wealth of knowledge in real estate excelling in property management. Her refreshingly friendly, compassionate personality is addictive and truth be known. If Marg doesn't know the true answer she will be straight up front and honest and say she's not sure and will always get back to you with the right answer to your question. You will never be disappointed. Marg is undeniably a strong asset to the CobdenHayson Drummoyne

9719 8211

0414 978 715