Lauren Wilson Property Manager

Lauren Wilson

Senior Property Manager

Lauren Wilson

• Experienced
• Straight forward communicator
• Honest
• 15 years in Property Management
• Reliable

• Legislation knowledgeable
• Focused on customer service
• Best practice based on industry experience
• Thinks outside of the box
• Highly organized

• Dog lover
• Martial Arts Instructor
• Passionate about health & fitness
• Foodie
• Passionate about a good coffee

Lauren comes with extensive Property Management knowledge & experience which is based off 3 different states of working experience & legislation across Australia. This allows Lauren to better achieve outcomes for her Clients by delivering the best possible service & practice.

After hours & on the weekends you will find Lauren in the gym Instructing in Muay Thai Kickboxing where her commitment and dedication as a Martial Artist allows her to teach her students about all things health & fitness.

9719 8211

0477 017 005