We’ve got your back!

At CH we hold ourselves up as a trusted, customer-centric, solutions-based agency, and the foundation of this is our continued commitment to putting the needs of our clients first. An important element of this is our promise to ensure that you’re not spending money that you don’t have to.

With the cost of living skyrocketing due to inflation, everything just seems to be going up, from fuel to the legendary $10 lettuce! As the start of the new financial year on July 1 draws closer, you may start to notice that the cost of selling your home is included in this list. Some of these increases are legitimate and expected due to inflation, however some could be simply because your agent chooses to include marketing elements which predominantly serve to promote them rather than your property.

For example, if you take a close look at the breakdown of your marketing schedule, you might find that you’re paying for pieces such as additional eDM’s and social media boosts which actually just showcase the job the agent’s done in selling your home – the very thing that you have paid them to do. It ultimately adds no value to your sale but is a great marketing lift for the agent. In fact, we’re seeing more and more agencies signing up for promotional material and high subscriptions with major real estate portals which are not necessarily advantageous for clients and instead just promote themselves. These costs are ultimately paid for by you, the vendor, and a great deal of the time you’ll have no idea.

At CH we think this is unfair and much prefer to be transparent and play it straight – in fact, we continuously find ways to ensure you pay less in marketing. We do this by having experienced, digital-savvy marketing teams working to make sure more eyeballs view your property for the least amount of market spend. Beneficially, we also provide financial support through Market Now, whereby if for any reason you need to defer upfront sales costs, we can provide the option to pay for marketing, styling and minor renovations at a later stage.

So next time an agent is trying to tout their business, there is a strong chance your online marketing exposure provides post sale agent promotional activities that you’re paying for but add absolutely zero value to the sale of your property. Most of the major agents are in lockstep signing up to this ethically questionable activity and they are doing it for every single listing that comes to market to highlight what they have sold, not how they should be  attracting more buyers to your property.

We win business because people enjoy working with us and we get results – and NO-ONE puts more into achieving the best price for clients than we do. After 25 years we still sell more property across the Inner West than any other agency and 83% of our clients are repeat and referral customers. They turn to us because they trust us to support them and have their back.

Posted in All Offices, Balmain Office, Inner West, Prestige Home on 28th June, 2022