As you can probably tell we’re extremely proud of our neighbourhood and we’re always conscious of giving back to the community that has been so supportive of us. After all, it’s where we work and it’s where we call home. Over the past few weeks we’ve been getting behind some really interesting, worthwhile local initiatives.

We’ve once again joined forces with Nicholson Street Public School for a 12 month partnership to enhance the development of this historic institution. C&H has a rich history of supporting the school, which ensures that our local kids have the best access to educational resources and programs. In fact, Peter Gordon has donated more than $30,000 over the last few years to help with student development.

Last week we were invited along for Science Week, where students had the opportunity to showcase the new robotics lab that Pete’s donations contributed to. It’s fair to say that there are not too many schools around that have the advantage of such a wonderful resource. It’s a huge change from Pete’s own school days, going from one computer to kids learning how to build their own computers. What a privilege it was to see the impact that Pete’s generosity made to the school community.

Matt, Rosie and Rita recently volunteered at the school’s Fresh Food Lunch, helping to cook and serve lunch to the students. The aim of the day was to ensure that all pupils were eating well and understood what constitutes a healthy meal. As two have kids themselves they were thrilled to see the school being so proactive. This focus on health and wellbeing from a young age really aligns with our values here at C&H, where we are undertaking unique initiatives to nurture our staff.

We also gave out more than 200 hats to the school children to promote sun safety in the playground, along with other merchandise that they loved. It felt a little like a Justin Bieber concert at one stage with all the kids gathered around screaming, so hopefully they enjoyed it as much as we did.

This week we’ll be back at the school to launch the famous Nicholson Street Halloween Festival scheduled for Saturday 26th October. We’re always excited to be part of the hype and excitement of this much-loved event, now in its 32nd year. Stay tuned for our C&H Halloween-themed window display promoting the festival. We’ll be donating prizes for the best dressed parents on the night so now is the time to start planning your outfit. Go all out – the competition is sure to be stiff!

In a similar vein, Ben Southwell has a partnership with Forest Lodge Public School, donating more than $36,000 over the past three years. With these funds the school’s been able to update the bathrooms and kit out classrooms with furniture of a revolutionary design which helps stimulate collective learning. Ben’s initiative this year means that anyone planning to sell through him in the next 12 months can opt to go into the draw to have their commission fee halved to 1%, with Ben then donating the proceeds of this commission to the school. The draw will take place on Saturday 26th October at the annual Forest Lodge Public School Halloween Disco.

Earlier this year we also got behind the annual John McMahon Children’s Centre Trivia Night fundraiser with a silent auction that raised much-needed funds for educational resources for our JMC kids. And the footy season has just wrapped up, where we sponsored the Balmain District Football Club and Balmain Rugby.

Over the next few months we’ll be rolling out our Summer sponsorships which we’ll keep you updated on. If you’d like any further information about any of the events and initiatives mentioned, drop us a line … and if you see us on the streets, be sure to say hi.