Many of you will likely remember Anthony Ross who was an integral part of our Balmain sales team for many years. A while back, Anthony made the decision to pursue real estate on the Northern Beaches, where he lives, in search of some new challenges. However, the fast-paced, dynamic sales environment of the Inner West continued to hold some allure for him and has subsequently drawn him back to the C&H family where he cut his teeth as a market-leading agent in the market he knows and loves.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Beaches where I was working for a boutique office alongside one of Australia’s top agents. It was a rewarding experience, I learned a huge amount and I feel that I’ve returned a better agent, bringing all that knowledge back to a market where I was well established,” enthuses Anthony. “As a brand C&H is more engaging than ever before, paving the way with a solutions-based approach. This is a really attractive proposition for an agent, as well as for clients, and aligns with my ethos.”

Anthony’s prior background in investment banking and hospitality perfectly complements his real estate career. “All three industries are focused on putting people first and managing the client experience.”

Having sold everything from humble local apartments to a suburb record-breaking house on the Northern Beaches, Anthony is excited about getting back to his real estate roots. “I love the fact that people move to the Inner West and stay here, so there’s a lot of upsizing and downsizing that goes on. I’ve sold two, three, even four properties for various clients over the years as they embark on different phases of their lives and it’s great to be able to develop those sorts of ongoing relationships. I also feel like the nature of real estate has really changed. It’s not us versus the buyer. Instead, we work collaboratively with buyers to get a great outcome. Not all agents have this philosophy and our purchasers here at C&H understand that we’re here to help.”

“There are a few key requirements for being a great agent in this market. Communication with both sellers and buyers is paramount. Everyone deserves intelligent information to help them make the best decisions. An ability to strategise throughout the entire course of the campaign is also vital. Do we adjust the price? Do we sell before auction? It’s imperative to be responsive to the feedback that the market’s giving you. Finally, success comes down to your ability to negotiate. Ultimately that’s what we do as agents and it’s a skill to navigate the pathway to a premium price.”

So what does Anthony feel can we expect from the local market in the coming 12 months? “After a few tough seasons the market’s the strongest it’s been since we saw the heated frenzy about three years ago. From what I’m seeing and reading, we’re now in for slow, steady growth that’s more balanced and sustainable, with an increase of a few percent throughout the year.”

Anthony’s already off to a flying start with several listings underway and is looking forward to the prospect of reconnecting with some old faces and meeting plenty of new ones, so drop by the Balmain office and say hi.