In an age where technology keeps evolving at mindblowing speed, we now have access to seemingly unlimited information at our fingertips when it comes to buying or selling a home.

While this data can be an important and valuable resource, we often wonder, is it always a good thing? Can too much information cloud the reason behind your move? What value do you put on the ‘feel’ of a property or whether it really suits your needs?

We call this information overload ‘analysis paralysis’ – when a buyer or seller gets so caught up in the data they forget about the reality of the home itself. And can all the information that’s thrown at you always be trusted? Unlikely.

For example, you’ll often see pop-up sites suggesting the value of a property but are these algorithms accurate? In our core market the answer is no, they’re definitely not all accurate.

Like all things in life, balance is important. Relevant, factual data and supporting information should be measured with your personal requirements and, most importantly, your emotional response to a property.

Posted in General, Property on 1st February, 2017