We keep hearing from the market that people have a genuine interest in selling, or at least investigating the possibility of selling, but they have a number of concerns around making a move in the current climate.

They’re worried about how much their property will fetch, how long and how much effort it will take to get it market ready and how long the sales process is likely to take. At the end of the day it can all seem a little overwhelming.


(Before and after Rozelle)


One thing our agents have been trained to do with expertise is read the market in great detail, and this enables us to adapt to the needs of our clients and deliver the right process for each property under any conditions.

If we told you that no matter how daunting you feel the challenge is, we can actually turn it around and have your property ready for market in less than two weeks, would this ease your concerns? The fact is that we can paint, repair, style and update your home and address all the little issues you thought were holding you back from making a move – and we can do it all in less time than you’d think. For those of you who feel you’re too time poor to coordinate everything that needs to be done, think of us as your project managers. We’re here to pull everything together – and we mean everything.


(Before and after Balmain)


We have great relationships with tried and trusted stylists, builders, tradespeople, gardeners and the like, who are really savvy when it comes to knowing exactly what local buyers are looking for. With these professionals on board, you’d be surprised how rapidly and cost-effectively we can get your home looking its best. Similarly, we work with mortgage brokers who can put you in the best possible position to secure a loan if this will help facilitate your move, which is another challenge we’re seeing at the moment.

Next step is to connect your property with the most active and eager pool of buyers, which is where our relationships, extended network and longevity in the market really come into play. In this climate marketing alone won’t necessarily uncover your purchaser. It’s also very much about personal relationships and exploring all possibilities.



When you break it down, we’re essentially here to make selling simple for you, and we can achieve this because we’ve got the tools, processes, connections and experience to pull a sale together with speed and ease. Get in touch and we can put together a tailored strategy and timeframe for exploring the market potential of your home.


(Before and after Balmain)


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