We’re constantly hearing from the market that people have a genuine interest in selling, or at least investigating the possibility of selling, but they have a number of concerns around making a move in the current climate.

They’re worried about how much their property will fetch, how long and how much effort it will take to get it market ready and how long the sales process is likely to take. We get it – sometimes it can all seem a little overwhelming and often it’s easier to just sit on your hands and maintain the status quo.


(Before and after Rozelle)


However, if you have any apprehension around selling, let us alleviate this for you. We understand that you’re time poor, your money’s hard-earned and you want advice that cuts through all of the jargon you’re constantly bombarded with. You want someone who speaks your language.

When it comes to house presentation we deliver an aesthetic that really resonates with the market you’re targeting. We can have your property ready for market in less than two weeks, project managing everything from cost-conscious repairs and maintenance to minor renovations, gardens and interior styling – all the issues you thought were holding you back from making a move.


(Before and after Balmain)


We have great relationships with tried and trusted stylists, builders, tradespeople and the like, who are really savvy when it comes to knowing exactly what buyers are looking for. Similarly, we work with mortgage brokers who make the lending process as straightforward as possible – and they’ll come to you.

Our relationships, extensive network and longevity in the market really come into play when it comes time to connect your property with the appropriate pool of buyers. In fact, managing buyers, getting right to the heart of their needs and exploring all possibilities, is key to an effective sales campaign.



When you break it down, we’re essentially here to make selling simple for you. We’ve got the tools, processes, connections and detailed market knowledge to pull a sale together with speed and ease. Get in touch and we can devise a strategy that best leverages the potential of your home in the current climate.


(Before and after Balmain)


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