Landlords turn to trusted management as short-stay services face restrictions 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, short-stay accommodation services such as Airbnb are unable to operate in NSW at the moment, given that residents have been ordered to stay home. The new regulations make it clear that no one should be staying anywhere other than their own permanent residence until further notice. If you break these restrictions without a reasonable excuse, you could find yourself falling foul of the law. 

Given this new landscape, we’re seeing an increase in enquiry from landlords who are looking to trusted property management teams to manage properties once listed on platforms such as Airbnb. The market is shifting and people want secure, experienced and most importantly personalised businesses to oversee their investments. 

So now that conditions have changed, what does your investment look like? Where is it going? Do you have time to manage it? Are you looking to switch from a short-stay set-up to a more stable, longer-term scenario? If you’ve been impacted by COVID-19 we’re here to help. 

As the Inner West’s largest and most trusted property management team, we’re here to offer support and expert guidance and we’re thinking outside the box when it comes to our clients’ investment needs. Our proactive professionals can protect your asset by securing quality tenants, delivering cost-effective maintenance and minimising vacancy times. We’ve implemented technology to streamline processes and give you more information and direction when you need it most. 

C&H manages a broad range of properties from fully furnished studios and apartments to luxury waterfronts, and we know just how to attract the right tenants for each. Our extensive database and targeted marketing puts us in close contact with people eager and ready to move. 

In a changing environment we all seek reliability to provide comfort and reassurance. Now’s a great time to have a conversation with a Property Manager who can provide you with valuable insight into the current market and provide the peace of mind you’re looking for. 

Posted in Uncategorized on 9th April, 2020