For the third year running Jono Hammond is sponsoring Stanmore Public School’s annual book drive, which sees all donations help the school provide quality literature for students to enjoy.

Jono comments, “I grew up in Stanmore, went to school locally and the majority of properties I sell are here or close by. Consequently, I’m incredibly passionate about the area and equally enthusiastic about giving something back to the community that I know and love. I’ve been supporting the school for a number of years now. This is my third focusing on the book drive and I just think it’s such a beneficial initiative. 

Even though we’re deep in the technological age, reading is such a vital, enjoyable pastime. I loved having books read to me as a kid. Even just the time spent learning to read with your parents is really valuable. As the father of two boys and another on the way, education is pretty high on my list of priorities right now.”

Jono’s contribution of $3,000 this year brings his donations to a total of $10,500 towards the school’s library and reading program.  

Monday October 26 will be a mufti day for Stanmore Public kids, with students invited to dress up as their favourite literary character. This year’s Book Week theme is ‘curious creatures, wild minds’ which should provide plenty of inspiration for costume ideas. Students will be invited to the library during the week to name the book or books they wish to donate.  

Stanmore Public School’s 2020 book drive takes place from October 26-30. Read more about it and donate here.

Posted in Annandale, Community, Inner West on 29th September, 2020