A huge part of our role in our client relationships is to take the stress and overwhelm out of the sales process. When you make that decision to sell it may suddenly dawn on you just how much there is to do to get your property looking its best for marketing and open homes – and that’s where we can really help to ease the load, so don’t be afraid to lean on us.

Well-versed in turning properties around quickly and affordably for listing, we’re here to assist with smart advice and clever ideas born from our extensive experience. We’ve also got a great network of reliable, cost-effective contractors who know our market and understand exactly what our buyers are looking for. With some intelligent preparation and planning, you can make sure that your property resonates with buyers and really stands out in order to maximise your sale price.

Here are some important elements you should be focusing on to get your property listed, sold and settled before Christmas.

1. Firstly and crucially, speak to your agent for advice on what to do to get your home looking its very best for sale. They’re a wealth of knowledge on what improvements, large and small, are worthwhile undertaking and what’s a waste of time and money. They’ll let you know what to add and what to take away, what to repair and what to leave and when it’s worth calling in the professionals – stylists, gardeners and the like. Our agents are a great resource to help you save time, maximise any financial outlay and put you in touch with the right people.

2. De-clutter! This is the golden rule of selling. Put away anything superfluous, scale back the knickknacks, tidy up your bookshelves and sort through your old clothes and donate them to charity. Jump on Gumtree and sell or giveaway unused furniture, appliances, toys and the like. Be ruthless – your home will look all the better for it and you’ll be glad once it comes time to move.

Woman with house supplies ready to to clean room. Spring cleaning, minimal style

3. Launch into some solid spring cleaning and tackle all those jobs you’ve been putting off for too long. That means cleaning windows, clearing out jam-packed cupboards and drawers, and washing curtains and cushion covers. Make sure you dust all blinds, blitz the oven, clean light fittings and deal with any mould issues (we can get the professionals in for this if need be).

4. Address those annoying and accumulating repairs and maintenance issues you’ve been avoiding. Touch up scuffed walls and tired paint, fix that broken front gate, sort out any sticky windows and doors and get carpets professionally cleaned or even replaced if they’re really in poor shape. Replace cracked roof tiles, repair cracked bathroom tiles and re-grout. Even minor details that need repair can really detract from the overall impact of your home, so be thorough.  

5. There are countless small yet highly effective cosmetic touches you can make that won’t break the bank but will make a big impact. Look at upgrading your curtains or blinds, changing dated cupboard handles, updating a tired colour scheme and replacing old light fittings.

Little child walking near tulips on the flower bed in beautiful spring day. Baby boy outdoors in the garden with watering can

6. Give your garden some love. You don’t need to spend a great deal of money but it’s worth investing the time to really get your garden looking its best. It’s the perfect season to plant new flowers, get rid of those rampant weeds, cut back those trees to let some light in, get your lawns in shape and gurney the courtyard. Gardens go a long way when it comes to making a great first impression.

7. Ask your agent for advice on the feasibility of calling in a professional property stylist. Our contacts can help you to simply declutter and scale back, add a few key pieces of furniture and furnishings or completely style and furnish your entire home. Your agent is also a great sounding board for suggestions on how to best configure your home to maximise its potential.

8. Have a professional pest treatment done, especially if it’s been a while as all the cleaning and de-cluttering is likely to disturb insects (and dead insects are a guaranteed instant turn-off for buyers!).

From all of us at Cobden & Hayson we wish you a bright and beautiful Spring.