Cobden & Hayson Drummoyne’s Frank Colacicco is a 28 year veteran of the local real estate market, giving him a wonderfully unique and informed perspective on the Drummoyne property landscape.

“The Drummoyne area has a rich history and I’ve been fortunate to witness it change significantly over the years. It’s emerged as one of the Inner West’s most exclusive suburbs, with a definite family orientation and all of life’s necessities at your fingertips. Plus, of course, we have the famous Bay Run, enjoyed by people from all over Sydney.

Surrounded by water and parkland, we’re a desirable address and people have done very well out of buying into the area – it’s proved very rewarding. They’ve enjoyed substantial capital growth and now have substantial capital investment, which has allowed many to upsize locally.

Over the past 15 years the council has been instrumental in allowing more development, with changes to both Drummoyne and Five Dock shopping strips creating more of a more village atmosphere.

Looking at opportunities moving forward, waterfront houses and apartments should continue to prove strong investments, thanks largely to their rarity. Our local apartment market saw significant growth about 3-4 years ago and that has come off the boil a bit now, allowing first home buyers back into the market. Now is an astute time to buy into our market in general because you may be able to pick up property for 5-10% cheaper than a few years ago. And while the market may continue to flatten out over the next few years, when it does bounce back I believe it will be in a really strong way.

In the next 10 years I believe Drummoyne is set to become the most coveted Inner West address. Many people move here from the Balmain area, especially when they want to establish a family while still enjoying the peninsula lifestyle. When local infrastructure projects such as WestConnex are completed, it really will cement our standing and exclusive property will become exceptionally hard to get your hands on here.

What motivates me professionally and personally? Giving back is something that gives me immense pleasure. We’ve always enjoyed a strong connection to the local community and early on we made a business and moral decision to invest back into the community instead of spending money on promoting ourselves. We’ve had a long affiliation with local schools, often as their major sponsor, as well as involving ourselves with things like trivia nights and barbeques. We also sponsor a number of other worthy organisations including the Dirty Reds Rugby League team and local AFL and water polo clubs.

I’m also riding high after my beloved Roosters won the premiership. I’ve dealt closely with a number of the players over the years, not for any gain but just for the sheer satisfaction of helping them. I’ve assisted them on their journey to becoming home owners and responsible family men and in return they give me the joy of winning premierships! Some of the boys come into the office often. We even had the trophy in here the other day. Our team took photos and really felt part of it and I love that.

I’m extremely proud of our brand. I love coming into work, we’ve got a great team of really loyal people. We spend a great deal of time together and really respect each other, sharing our successes with all the staff. Cobden & Hayson has such an amazing family culture built into the brand and we really embrace this and work hard to keep the brand at its peak. Lots of agencies try to follow us but we try to stay one step ahead. Going to the next level with our marketing and behind-the-scenes operations is really starting to pay off.

What sets us apart is that we’re really community focused and independent. People find us honest and approachable with impeccable service. Between the five offices we’ve got the knowledge, experience and proven results.

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