At Cobden & Hayson an ongoing question we ask ourselves is “How can we be better – not just different, but genuinely pioneering?” With this in mind, we felt compelled to undertake a comprehensive review of our entire business to see how we could set ourselves apart and add some real value to both our company and the industry. We asked ourselves how we could remain market leaders and ensure that people – both our clients and our team – always come first.

“We’re substantiating the importance of mental strength by implementing a number of industry first initiatives that support all of our people and will have a long-lasting impact on the C&H culture.”



As a group that celebrates identity and individuality, we recognise that our employees have busy personal lives, responsibilities and interests outside of the workplace. We also understand that the real estate industry, like many others, is known for its demanding, often cut-throat nature which can inevitably lead to a poor work/life balance. The recent shift in market conditions has placed added pressure on our agents, so we decided to do something to help.



Cobden & Hayson Director Matt Hayson believes investment in your people is the best investment you can make. “It’s very easy to throw around mental health as a buzzword, but being proactive rather than retroactive around our team’s wellbeing is vital. A workplace that offers a healthy environment benefits everyone, both professionally and personally. We’re substantiating the importance of mental strength by implementing a number of industry first initiatives that support all of our people and will have a long-lasting impact on the C&H culture.”



“Firstly, we have engaged seasoned inspirational speaker and coach, Matt Griggs, who we’ve been working with for many years, to deliver his insights on performance and physical versus mental strength. Matt draws on his experience as a meditation instructor, an ex-professional surfer and coach of high-level executives along with world champion surfers such as Mick Fanning. We believe his depth of knowledge will help our team make any necessary changes to find happiness and success in life without compromising themselves in the process.”



“As part of our long-term Employee Wellness Initiative, Matt will be involved in our company-wide off-site training sessions that we hope will set the foundations for our focus on mental strength. He believes that ‘physical strength is how much you can carry while mental strength is how much you can let go’. We will also provide ongoing training and support to reinforce an environment where our people are helped through the stressful times. The idea is to equip them with the right tools to deal with issues when they arise so they can realise their potential and work productively to achieve their goals.”



“Secondly, we wanted to allow employees the flexibility to spend more time with family, engage in further study or experience that extended adventure they’ve been dreaming about. In an industry first initiative, we have collaborated with the Real Estate Employers Federation (REEF) to draft and implement a Purchased Additional Leave policy. This enables employees to use part of their annual salary to purchase an additional four weeks of leave each year, on top of their regular annual leave entitlements. This means they can now take up to a total of eight weeks a year, providing an often much-needed break from day to day responsibilities, a chance to clear their mind and refocus on personal and professional well-being.”



“We, as an employer, have a responsibility to ensure a vibrant, healthy and safe workplace and build a positive and inclusive culture that supports well-being. I believe that these steps will prove to be unique and insightful avenues to addressing an issue that has been overlooked in our industry for too long,” says Matt Hayson. “By providing this extra leave we want people to feel confident, fresh and alert so they can be proactive and effective back in the workplace.”


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We would like to thank for their ongoing support of Cobden & Hayson. As part of their Advantage program we were able to secure the support of Matt Griggs. Without them and the generosity of giving back to our agents and staff, programs such as our Wellness Initiative may not be possible.

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