101 Rowntree Street
Address: 101 Rowntree Street , Birchgrove

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Sold, 18th August 2020

Agent: Matthew Hayson


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While there are question marks around reducing stimulus, growing unemployment and how this may influence borrowing power and buying decisions, our local market is holding up well and remains in good shape. It’s fair to say that the price growth we enjoyed throughout the first three months of this year has disappeared, however, we’re only marginally behind values obtained in late 2019, which stands as one of the highest levels in Sydney’s property history.

If the conversations we’re having with buyers are anything to go by, our market appears set to continue in this current fashion, with blue-chip property being snapped up quickly and all other property finding a buyer if priced accurately.

Rosemary Chen sold an elegant Victorian harbour-view terrace at 101 Rowntree Street, Birchgrove for between $2.1m and $2.2m. Rosemary comments, “The owners were located interstate and under lockdown so it was vital that we took them on the journey with us from the very beginning. They absolutely loved this home and wanted to ensure that it presented beautifully. This covered any home preparation works, styling, photos, the works. We spoke almost every day during this phase of the campaign, sharing photos and FaceTiming to ensure they were comfortable with our progress despite being physically far away and they also received daily inspection and buyer updates. We even created a Whatsapp group with our owners and everyone in our immediate team to ensure everyone was on the same page. I believe it was this absolute transparency that really helped provide confidence our process and our management of the campaign.

Great views always draw a big crowd in our area and this property was no different. Interestingly though, out of the 70 or so buyers that inspected, 90% were locals. To secure an excellent result we identified the interested parties early and worked through who was ready to go and at what level. We made sure all interested parties were informed of the progress and ensured we addressed any concerns they may have had. There were many buyers wanting to make offers and our owners were happy to consider selling before auction. Blue chip property seems to always hold value in our area despite what is happening around us. The successful buyer saw the property only twice the week before and we’d actually met him two years earlier at another Birchgrove terrace.”

Matthew Hayson


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Despite only just exchanging, a long and arduous search meant I had plenty of time to get to know Rosie and Matt at CobdenHayson. Dealing with professionals who act with openness and integrity (not to mention cheerful enthusiasm) makes a stressful process that much easier. Thanks guys!

David Rigby